[33] Thirty-Third Chapter On The Land Of Ultimate Bliss Manifesting Presently (Of Immeasurable Life Sūtra)《无量寿经》极乐现前第卅三

Amitā[bha Buddha’s] Great Compassionate Gathering [And] Receiving

Thirty-Third [Chapter On The Land Of] Ultimate Bliss Manifesting Presently


[The] Buddha told Ānanda, ‘You [should] rise, further tidy [your] robes, [and with] joined palms reverencing, prostrate [to] Immeasurable Life Buddha. [The] ten directions’ lands’ all Buddha Thus Come [Ones], constantly together highly praise that Buddha, [who is] without attachment [and] without obstacles.’


Thereupon, Ānanda arose [and] tidied [his] robes, [with] upright body [to the] West faced, reverencing [with] joined palms, [and with] five [parts of the] body thrown [to the] ground, prostrated [to] Immeasurable Life Buddha.


[He] said, ‘World-Honoured [One, I] aspire [to] see that Buddha, [his] Land [Of] Peace [And] Bliss, and all [its] Bodhisattvas’ [and] Voice-Hearers’ great assemblies.’


[Having] said these words already, immediately, Immeasurable Life Buddha emitted great bright light, [that] universally illuminated all Buddha worlds. Vajra Wall Mountain, Sumeru Mountain King, all great [and] small mountains, all that exists, all [had the] same one colour. For example, like [the] kalpa’s water, [that] fully fills [the] world, [with] that within, [its] ten thousand things sunken, [to] not appear. [With its] bright expanse overflowing extensively, only seeing [the] great water. That Buddha’s bright light, [is] likewise thus. [Of] Voice-Hearers [and] Bodhisattvas, all [their] bright lights, [were] all concealed [and] covered, only seeing [the] Buddha’s light, brilliant [and] prominent.


At that time, Ānanda immediately saw Immeasurable Life Buddha, [with] majestic virtues imposing, like Sumeru Mountain King, higher than all worlds above. [With] forms’ excellences’ bright lights, [with] none not prominently illuminated. This assembly’s four assemblies, at the same time, all saw [them]. Those [there] saw this land, likewise thus.

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