[32] Thirty-Second Chapter On Instructions And Exhortations One After Another (Of Immeasurable Life Sūtra)《无量寿经》重重诲勉第卅二

Thirty-Second [Chapter On] Instructions [And] Exhortations One After Anothe


[The] Buddha told Maitreya, ‘[As] I [have] spoken [to] you [and] others, [these] are [the] world’s Five Evils, [with] toilsome suffering like these. [With the] Five Pains [and] Five Burnings, passing through many [paths, with] one another born.


Only doing all evils, not cultivating good roots, all naturally enter all evil realms.


Perhaps they [in] this life, [are] first by misfortunes [and] sicknesses [struck], seeking death [but] not getting [it], seeking life [but] not getting [it, by] transgressions’ evils those attracted, manifesting [for] all [to] see them.


[With their] bodies’ deaths following, entering [the] three evil paths. [With] suffering [and] pain immeasurable, [with] one another scorching [and] burning.


Until long after, they together form enmity’s fetter. From [that] very small arising, thereupon becoming great evils. All due [to] greedy attachment [to] wealth [and] sex, not [being] able [to] give [with] kindness. [By] deluded desires those compelled, according [with their] wishes [and] thoughts. [By] afflictions fettered, not having liberation thereafter.


Favouring oneself [with] disputes [for] benefits, without any reflection [and] examination. [For] wealth [and] honour, glory [and] splendour, those momentary pleasures. Not able [to be] patient, not striving [to] cultivate good. [With] power [and] influence not much, then with [them] obliterated. [With] bodies, because [of] toiling [with] suffering, long after [with] great severity.


[The] natural law loosens [and] tightens, naturally gathers [and] raises. [The] hawser [and its all]-directional net, [are with those] above [and] below corresponding. Alone, worried, terrified [and] uneasy, will [they] enter within it. Then [and] now having these, [how] painful [and] pitiable.’


[The] Buddha said [to] Maitreya, ‘[With the] world thus, [the] Buddhas all pity them. With mighty supernormal powers, destroying [and] eliminating all evils, all [are] enabled [to] approach good. Throwing away those [evil] thoughts, upholding [the] sūtras [and] precepts. Accepting [and] practising [the] path’s Dharma, without that violated [with] faults. [In the] end, attaining [the] path of deliverance [from the] world [to] Nirvāṇa.’


[The] Buddha said, ‘You now, all heavenly [and] human people, and later generations’ people, [who] attain [the] Buddhas’ sūtras’ words, should thoroughly contemplate them. [Be] able [to], with them within, [have] upright minds [and] right practices.


Lords above [should] do good, [to] lead [and] transform those below. [In] turn ordering one another, [to] each personally [and] uprightly guard [them]. Honour [the] noble [and] revere [the] good, [with] benevolent loving-kindness [and] universal love.


[Of the] Buddhas’ words, teachings [and] instructions, [do] not dare [to be] lacking, [to] let [them] down. [You] should seek [to be] delivered [from the] world, uproot [and] sever [the] roots of births [and] deaths’ all evils. [You] should depart [from the] path of [the] three realms’ immeasurable worries [and] fears, suffering [and] pain.


You [and] others [should] thereupon extensively plant virtuous roots, give [with] kindness, [and] not violate [the] path’s prohibitions. [With] patience [and] diligence, wholeheartedly [cultivate] wisdom. [In] turn teaching [and] transforming one another, for virtues establishing good.


[With] right minds [and] right thoughts, [upholding the] Purification Precepts purely [for] one day [and] one night, [this is] superior [to], in Immeasurable Life [Buddha’s] Land, doing good [for a] hundred years.


Why [is] that so? That Buddha land [is] unconditioned [and] natural, [with] all accumulating all good, without [a] hair of evil. In this [world] cultivating good [for] ten days [and] ten nights, [this is] superior [to], in other directions’ all Buddha lands within doing good [for a] thousand years.


Why [is] that so? [The] other directions’ Buddha lands, [are with] those doing good many, those doing evil few, [with] blessed virtues natural, without places that create evil. Only this place [has] many evils, not having [that] natural.


[With] toilsome suffering seeking [the] desired, [in] turn cheating [and] endangering one another. [With] minds wearied [and] forms fatigued, drinking suffering [and] eating poison. Such evil activities, [have] not yet peacefully ceased.


I, sympathising [with] you [and] other kinds of heavenly [and] human beings, painstakingly instruct [to] convince, [and] teach [to] enable cultivation [of] good. Accordingly [and] suitably inspiring [and] guiding, [of] conferred sūtras’ Dharma, [with] none not receiving [and] using [them. With] that in mind [as] aspired, all [are] enabled [to] attain [the] path.


Where Buddhas travel [and] tread, [in] capital cities [and] hill villages, none [do] not receive transformation. Under [the] heavens, [the world will be] harmonious [and] agreeable, [the] sun [and] moon clear [and] bright. [With] winds [and] rains timely, disasters [of] epidemics not arising. [With] countries abundant [and] people peaceful, soldiers’ weapons [are] without use. [With] revering [of] virtues, flourishing [of] benevolence, [and] striving [to] cultivate courteous yielding.’


[The] Buddha said, ‘I sympathise [with] you [and] all other heavenly [and] human people, more than fathers [and] mothers [are] mindful [of their] children. Now, I in this world, [have] become [a] Buddha, [to] subdue [and] dissolve [the] Five Evils, eliminate [the] Five Pains, [and] extinguish [the] Five Burnings. With good attacking evil, uprooting [the] suffering of birth [and] death. Enabling obtaining [of the] Five Virtues, ascending [to the] peace of [the] unconditioned.


After I depart [from this] world, [when] sūtras’ paths [are] gradually destroyed, people [will] flatter hypocritically, [and] again do all evils. [With the] Five Burnings [and] Five Pains, returning [to] accord [with] former ways. Long after, transforming [in] severity, [that] cannot [be] all said. I [have] however for you, briefly spoken of [them] only.’


[The] Buddha said [to] Maitreya, ‘You [and] others, [should] each carefully contemplate this, [in] turn teaching [and] admonishing one another, according [with the] Buddhas’ sūtras’ Dharma, [you] must not violate [it].’


Thereupon, Maitreya Bodhisattva [with] joined palms said, ‘That [the] Buddha said [is] extremely good, [as the] world’s people [are] truly thus. [The] Thus Come [One’s] universal loving-kindness [and] sympathy, [is] all [for] enabling deliverance [and] liberation. [Having] accepted [the] Buddha’s deeply earnest instructions, [I do] not dare [to] violate [them with] faults.’

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