[31] Thirty-First Chapter On Five Evils And Five Goodnesses (Of Immeasurable Life Sūtra)《无量寿经》五恶五善第卅一

Thirty-First [Chapter On] Five Evils [And] Five Goodnesses


However, [the] world’s people [are] superficial [and] vulgar, together disputing [over] matters of non-urgency. In these severe evils [with] extreme suffering within, toiling [with their] bodies [to] strive [for] necessities, relying on themselves [for] providing aid.


Regardless [of the] honoured [or] lowly, poor [or] rich, young [or] old, male [or] female, together worrying [about] wealth [and] properties. [Those who] have [and have] not [are] alike thus, [with] worried thoughts matching equally. [With] fear [and] trepidation, anxiety [and] distress, accumulating [such] thoughts [and] amassing worries. By [their] minds ordered [to] rush about, not having peaceful moments.


[Those who] have fields worry [about] fields, with residences worry [about] residences. [Those who have] cows, horses, [the] six domesticated animals, slave servants, wealth, properties, clothing, food [and] miscellaneous things, again together worry [about] them. [With] repeated considering [and] wearied breathing, [with] worried thoughts [of] anxiety [and] fear.


[They are] unexpectedly by unusual waters [and] fires, robbers [and] thieves, enemies [and] creditors, burnt, drifted [away], seized by force, dissipated, scattered [and] obliterated. [With] worries’ poison terrified [and] uneasy, not having relieved moments.


Forming resentment within [their] minds, not departing [from] worries [and] afflictions. [With] minds firm [and] thoughts obstinate, following without releasing [and] abandoning [them]. Perhaps staying destroyed [and] broken, [when their] bodies die [as] life ends, throwing them away, [there is] none whatsoever that [can] follow. [Those with] honour, power [and] wealth, likewise have such suffering. [With] worries [and] apprehensions [of] ten thousand kinds, [with] toilsome suffering like these, forming all colds [and] fevers, with pains together dwelling.


[The] poor [and] lowly, [with] difficulties [of that] lacking, [are] often without [them. Those] without fields likewise worry [with] desires [to] have fields. [Those] without residences likewise worry [with] desires [to] have residences. [Those] without cows, horses, [the] six domesticated animals, slave servants, wealth, properties, clothing, food [and] miscellaneous things, likewise worry [with] desires [to] have them. Just having one, again lacking [another] one, having this, lacking that, considering having [the] same equally. Just [with the] desired possessed, then again [with it] broken [and] lost.


Thus [with] worries [and] suffering, [they] will again seek [them]. Not able [to] often obtain [them, with] thinking without benefit. [With] body [and] mind together toiling, [with] sitting [and] standing not peaceful. [With] worried thoughts following one another, [with] toilsome suffering like this, likewise forming all colds [and] fevers, with pains together dwelling.


Sometimes staying [like] this [to the] end [of their] bodies [with] shortened lives, not willing [to] do good, [and] practise [the] path [to] advance [in] virtue. [When] life ends [and their] bodies die, [they] will alone go far [away]. Having those inclined towards, [of their] paths of good [and] evil, not able [to have] those known.


[The] world’s people, fathers, sons, brothers, husbands, wives, family [members], internal [and] external relatives, should [have] respect [and] love [for] one another, without hatred [and] jealousy [of] one another. [Those who] have [and have] not [should] connect [with] one another, [and] must not [have] greed [and] miserliness. [With] speech [and] expression constantly harmonious, not going against one another.


Sometimes [with] minds [for] disputes, having those enraged. This life’s resentful thoughts, [with] subtle hatred [and] jealousy [of] one another, [in] future lives transform [in] severity, until [they] become great enmity. Why [is] that so?


Of worldly matters, [with] one after another harmed. Although not immediately, [they] should urgently break [this from] one another. However, containing poison [and] storing anger, forming resentment’s essence [in their] minds, naturally recorded [in their] consciousnesses, not getting departure [from] one another. All will [in] opposition [be] born, [with] one after another retaliating.


Humans in [this] world, [with] love [and] desires within, [are] alone born, alone die, alone go [and] alone come. [They] will move [to] reach lands [with] realms of suffering [and] bliss, [by] themselves personally bearing them, not having those [to] replace [them. With] good [and] evil changing [and] manifesting, [as] misfortunes [and] blessings [at] different places, [where] past [karmas] in advance strictly await, [they] will alone [in these] realms enter. Far [away, having] arrived [at] other places, not able [to have] those seen.


[With] good [and] evil naturally pursuing [and] acting where born, hidden in depth and distance, dim [and] dusky, [with] separation [for a] long time. [With] paths not [the] same, [and] meeting without [a] date. [It is] extremely difficult, extremely difficult, [to] now attain encountering [of] one another. Why not relinquish all matters, [with] each, when encountering strength [and] health, strive [and] persevere [to] cultivate good, [and] diligently aspire [to be] delivered [from the] world? Able [to] attain ultimately long life, how [is it that you are] not seeking [the] path? What place should [be] waited for, [with] desire [for] what [other] bliss?


Such people [of the] world, [do] not believe [that] doing good attains good, [that] cultivating [the] path attains [the] path. Not believing [that] people [after] death [are] again born, [that] kind giving attains blessings. Of good [and] evil matters, all not believing them. Saying they [are] not thus, [in the] end not having these.


Only staying [like] this thus, moreover [with] personal views then. [With] one after another looked [to], ancestors [and] descendants [are] alike thus. [In] turn carrying on in succession [to] receive, [what] fathers [and] others teach [and] instruct, [with] ancestral grandfathers, always not doing good, not recognising [the] path’s virtues.


[With] bodies foolish [and] consciousnesses dark, minds blocked [and] thoughts closed. [On the] realms of death [and] birth, [their] paths of good [and] evil, personally not able [to] see [them], not having those speaking [about them. For the] auspicious [and] inauspicious, [their] misfortunes [and] blessings, each contending [to] create them, without [any]one [finding this] unusual.


Births [and] deaths’ constant path, [is in] turn [with] succeeding [of] one another’s positions. Perhaps [with] fathers crying [for their] sons, perhaps [with] sons crying [for their] fathers. [With] brothers, husbands [and] wives, one after another crying. Inverting [those] above [and] below, [with] impermanence [as] root, all will pass by, [and] cannot [be] permanently retained.


[With] teachings spoken [to] inspire [and] guide, those believing them [are] few. Thus with births [and] deaths [in] rebirth, not having [a] stop. Of people like these, ignorant, rude [and] impetuous, not believing sūtras’ Dharma, [their] minds [are] without long-term considerations, each desiring pleasures, [with] ignorance [and] confusions, love [and] desires.


[With] no attaining of [the] path’s virtues, confused [and] sunken in anger, [like] wolves greedy for wealth [and] sex, staying [like] this, not attaining [the] path. [As they] will again [have] evil realms’ suffering, [with] births [and] deaths without end, [how] sorrowful [and] extremely pitiable.


Sometimes, families’ fathers, sons, brothers, husbands [and] wives, [have] one deceased [and] one alive, [with] one after another sympathising. [With] affection [and] longing, [by] worried thoughts fettered, [and] minds’ thoughts [with] painful attachments, [with] one after another missing, [to the] end [of their] days [and] end [of their] years, not having liberation thereafter.


[With] teachings spoken [on the] path’s virtues, [their] minds [are] not open [to] understanding. Thinking [about those] affectionate [and] fond [of], not departing [from] lustful desires. [By] dim ignorance’s darkness blocked, [and] foolish confusions those covered. Not able [to] deeply consider [and] carefully plan, [with] minds personally upright, [to] single-mindedly [and] diligently practise [the] path, [and] decisively sever [from] worldly matters.


Dithering cyclically until [the] end, [with] years [of their] lifespans ended completely, not able [to] attain [the] path, with no way [to be] helped. [With] all together troubled [and] disturbed, all [are] greedy [with] love [and] desires. [With] those confused [about the] path many, [and] those awakened [to] it few.


[In the] world hurrying, without [what] can [be] relied [on. The] honoured [and] lowly, above [and] below, poor [and] rich, noble [and] mean, [with] toilsome suffering [for] hurried activities, each conceive killing’s poison. [With] evil airs dim [and] dusky, doing [the] reckless [to] give rise [to] disturbances.


Going against [the] heavens [and] earth, not followng human conscience. Naturally [with those] wrong [and] evil, first according with them, allowing those [to be] done, awaiting [for] their transgressions [to become] extreme, [with] their lifespans yet [to] end completely, then suddenly [with] them taken by force.


Descending [to] enter evil paths, accumulating lives [of] toilsome suffering, passing through many, within them, [for] several thousand koṭis [of] kalpas, not having exit dates. [With] pains unspeakable, [this is] extremely pitiable.’


[The] Buddha told Maitreya Bodhisattva, [all] heavenly, human [beings and] others, ‘I [am] now speaking [to] you, [that] of worldly matters, humans, because of these thus, stay unable [to] attain [the] path. [You] should thoroughly contemplate [and] plan, [to] far depart [from] all evils. Choosing those that [are] good, [you] should diligently then practise them.


Love [and] desires, glory [and] splendour, cannot [be] permanently retained. All will [be] separated [from], without that [which] can [be] joyous [of].


[Having] encountered [the] Buddha in [this] world, [you] should persevere diligently. There are those [with] sincere aspiration [for] birth [in the] Land [Of] Peace [And] Bliss, [who] can attain wisdom [with] understanding thorough, [and] meritorious virtues especially excellent.


[Do] not allow [yourself to] accord [with your] wishes as desired, [and] let down [the] sūtras [and] precepts, [to] be behind others. If having doubtful thoughts, those not understanding [this] sūtra, can all ask [the] Buddha, [as I] will for [you] speak [about] them.’


Maitreya Bodhisattva long knelt [and] said, ‘[The] Buddha’s mighty supernormal [powers are] honoured, [with] that said [for] happiness [and] good. Listening [to the] Buddha’s sūtra’s words, [which] penetrate [the] mind, [and] considering them, [the] world’s people [are] truly thus, like those [the] Buddha said.


Now, [with the] Buddha’s loving-kindness [and] sympathy, clearly expressing [the] great path, [our] ears [and] eyes [are] open [to] understanding, [to] constantly [be able to] attain deliverance [and] liberation. Hearing that [the] Buddha said, none [are] not joyful. [From] all heavenly [and] human people, [to] kinds of wriggling [beings], all receive [his] loving-kindness, [to be] liberated [from] worries [and] suffering.


[The] Buddha’s spoken teachings [and] admonishments, [are] extremely profound [and] extremely good. [His] wisdom clearly sees [the] eight directions, [the] above [and] below, past, future [and] present matters, [with] none not thoroughly understood [and] fluently expressed.


Now, we [in this] assembly [with] others, therefore receiving attainment [of] deliverance [and] liberation, [is] all [due to] when [the] Buddha [was in his] past lives seeking [the] path, caused by [his] diligent ascetic [practices. With] kindness’ virtue universally covering, blessings [and] positions imposing.


[With] bright light pervasively illuminating, thoroughly understanding emptiness without limit, teaching entering [of] Nirvāṇa. Instructing [with] scriptures gathered together, majestically subduing, eliminating [and] dissolving. Moving [the] ten directions, without end [and] without limit.


[The] Buddha as [the] Dharma King, [has] honour surpassing all sages, universally as [the] teacher of all heavenly [and] human [beings, who] according [to their] wishes as aspired, [are] all enabled [to] attain [the] path. Now attaining encountering [of the] Buddha, again hearing Immeasurable Life [Buddha’s name’s] sound, none [are] not joyful, [with] minds attaining opening [to] understanding.’


[The] Buddha told Maitreya, ‘[What] you [have] said is [so]. If [there] are those [with] loving-kindness [and] reverence of [the] Buddha, [they are] truly [with] great goodness. Under [the] heavens, [in a] very long time, then again has [a] Buddha.


Now, I in this world [have] become [a] Buddha, [to] expound sūtras’ Dharma, proclaim [the] path’s teachings, [and] sever all doubts’ net. Uprooting [the] roots of love [and] desires, ending [the] source of all evils. Travelling [in the] three realms, without that clung [to and] obstructed.


[From] the scriptures gathering together wisdom, [the] essentials of all paths. Firmly upholding [their] essential points, obviously, distinctly [and] clearly. Teaching [on the] five realms, delivering those yet [to be] delivered, decisively [with the] right path, [from] birth [and] death, to go [to] Nirvāṇa.


Maitreya, [you] should know, [that] you from innumerable kalpas since, [have] cultivated Bodhisattva practices, desiring [to] deliver sentient beings, [with] this already [for a] long [and] distant [time. Those] from you attaining [the] path, [for] reaching of Nirvāṇa, cannot [be] stated [in] number.


You and [the] ten directions’ all heavenly [and] human people, [with] all [in the] four assemblies, [from] distant kalpas since, [have] passed through many [of the] five paths, [with] worries, fears [and] toilsome suffering, [that] cannot [be] completely spoken [of].


And even [in] this life, [with] births [and] deaths not ending, with [the] Buddha, encountering one another, listening [to] receive [the] sūtras’ Dharma, once again attaining hearing [about] Immeasurable Life Buddha, [how] happy [and] extremely good [this is, with] myself supporting this joy!


You now likewise can personally loathe [the] pain [and] suffering [of] birth, death, ageing, sickness, [and their] foul fluids [that are] not pure, without that [which] can [be] joyous [of. You] should personally decisively sever [from them, with] upright bodies [and] right practices, increase doing [of] all good.


Cultivating personal purity, washing [to] eliminate [the] mind’s defilements. [With] speech [and] actions loyal [and] trustworthy, [with the] outwards [and] inwards corresponding. People able [to be] self-delivered, [should in] turn save [and] aid one another, sincerely [and] clearly seek [that] aspired, [to] accumulate [and] amass good roots.


Although [with] one lifetime [of] toilsome suffering, [it is just] between [a] moment. Later born [in] Immeasurable Life [Buddha’s] Land, [with] happiness [and] bliss without limit. Constantly with [the] path’s virtues merged [in] brightness, forever uprooting births [and] deaths’ roots. Without again [with] suffering of afflictions [from] greed, anger [and] ignorance, desiring lifespan [of] one kalpa, [one] hundred kalpas, [or one] thousand koṭis [of] ten thousand kalpas, [with] ease accordingly [as] wished, all can attain them. Unconditioned [and] natural, second only to [the] path of Nirvāṇa.


You [and] others should each [be] diligent, [in] seeking that [your] minds aspire. [You] must not [with] doubts [and] confusions within [have] regrets, [that] naturally become faults, [to be] born [in] that borderland’s palace halls [of] seven treasures, [for] five hundred years within receiving many adversities.’


Maitreya [to the Buddha] said, ‘[Having] accepted [the] Buddha’s deeply earnest instructions, [I will] single-mindedly [and] diligently cultivate [and] learn [them, with] as taught practising, not daring [to] have doubt.’


[The] Buddha told Maitreya, ‘You [and] others [who are] able [to], in this world, [have] upright minds [and] right thoughts, [to] not do all evils, [are] with [the] very utmost virtues. [In the] ten directions’ worlds, [you are] superior [and] without peers comparable. Why [is] that so?


[In] all Buddha lands, [their] kinds of heavenly [and] human [beings] naturally do good, [are] not [with] great doing [of] evil, [and] can easily [be] inspired [and] transformed.


Now, I in this world became [a] Buddha, [who] dwells in [its] Five Evils, Five Pains [and] Five Burnings within, [which] are [the] most severe suffering, [to] teach [and] transform all sentient beings, enable renouncing [of the] Five Evils, enable eliminating [of the] Five Pains, enable departing [from the] Five Burnings, subdue [and] transform their minds, enable upholding [of the] Five Goodnesses, obtain their blessed virtues, [to be] delivered [from the] world, [with the] path of long life [for] Nirvāṇa.’


[The] Buddha said, ‘What [are the] Five Evils? What [are the] Five Pains? What [are the] Five Burnings? How [to] eliminate [and] dissolve [the] Five Evils, enable upholding [of the] Five Goodnesses, obtain their blessed virtues, [to be] delivered [from the] world, [with the] path of long life [for] Nirvāṇa?

[First Great Evil And First Great Goodness]


Those [with] that First Evil, [are from] all heavenly [and] human people, [to] kinds of wriggling [beings, who] desire [to] do all evils, [with] none [of] all not thus. Those stronger subdue [the] weaker, [in] turn harming one another. Injuring [and] slaughtering, [with] one after another swallowed. Not knowing [to] cultivate good, [with] evil contradicting [and] without principles.


Later receiving misfortunes [and] punishments, [as] naturally inclined towards. [With] gods recording [and in their] consciousnesses, these violators [are] not pardoned. Thus having [the] poor, lowly, beggars, orphans, lonely, deaf, blind, mute, ignorant [and] vile, even having [those] belonging [to the] feeble, insane [and those] not equal [to others].


Moreover, [those] having honour, power, wealth, high talents [and] understanding thorough, [are] all due to past lives’ loving-kindness [and] filial piety, caused by cultivating good [and] accumulating virtues.


[The] world has [the] constant path, [with] kings’ laws [and] prisons, [with those] not willing [to be] reverent [and] cautious, doing evil [and] incriminating [themselves, to] receive their misfortunes [and] punishments. Appealing [and] hoping [for] liberation, difficult [to] obtain exemption [for] exit.


[The] world has these present matters before [our] eyes, [and when] life ends, [in] future lives, [they become] more profound [and] more severe. [They will] enter those dark [worlds, with] rebirth [to] receive bodies. For example, [by] kings’ laws, [having] pain [and] suffering [with] extreme punishments.


Thus, naturally having [the] three paths, [with] immeasurable suffering [and] afflictions. [In] turn exchanging their bodies, altering forms [and] changing paths. Those received lifespans, [are] perhaps longer, perhaps shorter. [Their] spiritual consciousnesses [will] naturally approach them. [They] will alone take turns [to go] towards [them], accompanying one another, [to be] together born. [With] one after another retaliating, not having [an] end. [With] misfortunes [and] evils yet [to] end, not getting departure [from] one another. Passing through many [paths], within them, not having exit dates, difficult [to] attain liberation, [with] pains unspeakable. Between [the] heavens [and] earth, naturally having these. Although not immediately [and] urgently [with] responses arriving, [the] paths of good [and] evil, will definitely return [to] them. [With] this as [the] First Great Evil, First Pain [and] First Burning, [with] toilsome suffering thus.


For example, like [a] great fire burning [a] person’s body, [if that] person [is] able [to] within wholeheartedly regulate [his] mind, [with] upright body [and] right practices, only do all good, [and] not do all evils, [his] body alone [will be] delivered [and] liberated, obtain their blessed virtues, [to be] delivered [from the] world, [with the] paths of ascent [to the] heavens [and] Nirvāṇa, [with] this as [the] First Great Goodness.’

[Second Great Evil And Second Great Goodness]


[The] Buddha said, ‘Those [with] that Second Evil, [are the] world’s people, fathers, sons, brothers, families’ husbands [and] wives, [who are] all without moral principles, not following law systems. Extravagant, licentious, arrogant [and] indulgent, each desiring pleasures.


Allowing [their] minds [to] personally [be] unrestrained, [with] one after another cheating [and] confusing. [With] minds [and] mouths each different, words [and] thoughts without truth. Hypocritically cajoling without loyalty, [with] pleasant [but] false words flattering [and] ingratiating.


Jealous [of the] virtuous [and] slandering [the] good, [to] fall into unjust treatment. [With] lords above not wise, trusting [and] appointing officials below. Officials below [with] ease, [are] deceitful [and] hypocritical [with] many varied [ruses]. Carrying out [with] calculating [of what] able [to be] done, [with] knowledge [of] their circumstances. [Those] in positions [are] not upright, by them those cheated. Recklessly harming [the] loyal [and] kind-hearted, not corresponding [with their] natural conscience. Officials cheat their lords, [and] sons cheat their fathers.


Brothers, husbands [and] wives, internal [and] external known [ones, are with] one after another cheating [and] confusing. Each conceiving greedy desires, anger [and] ignorance. Desiring [to] personally favour oneself, [with] desires greedy [to] have more. [The] honoured [and] lowly, above [and] below, [have] minds together alike thus. Destroying families [and] losing lives, not regarding [that] before [and] after. Relatives inside [and] outside, [are] convicted [to have] extermination of [their] clans.


Sometimes, families, known [ones], fellow villagers, townsfolk, ignorant people [and] savage people, [in] turn together undertake matters. [With] one after another [for] benefits harming, [with] resentment becoming enmity’s fetter. [The] rich [are] miserly [with] attachments, not willing [to] give. [For the] attached protecting [with] greed heavy, [with] minds weary [and] bodies suffering.


Thus until [the] end, without that [to] rely on. Alone coming [and] alone going, without anyone who follows. [With] good [and] evil, misfortunes [and] blessings, pursuing in life where born. Perhaps at joyful places, perhaps entering suffering [and] pain, afterwards then regretting, how will [this] again, [be] in time?


[The] world’s people, [have] minds foolish [with] little wisdom. Seeing [the] good, hating [and] slandering, not considering [with] respect [to be] equal. Only desiring [to] do evil, recklessly doing [the] illegal. Constantly conceiving stealing’s mind, hoping [for] others’ benefits. [When] dissipated, scattered [and] obliterated completely, yet again seeking [them. With] evil minds not upright, fearing people having sight [of them]. Not in advance contemplating [and] planning, [with] matters arrived then regretting.


[With] this life’s presently existing kings’ laws [and] prisons, according [to their] crimes inclined towards, receiving their misfortunes [and] punishments.


Because [in] their past lives not believing [in the] path’s virtues, not cultivating good roots. Now again doing evil, naturally [by] gods recorded [and in their] consciousnesses, furthermore [with] their names registered. [At] life’s end, [when their] consciousnesses depart, [they] descend [to] enter evil paths.


Thus having naturally [the] three paths, [with] immeasurable suffering [and] afflictions. Passing through many [paths], within them, life after life [for] continuous kalpas, not having exit dates, difficult [to] attain liberation, [with] pains unspeakable. [With] this as [the] Second Great Evil, Second Pain [and] Second Burning, [with] toilsome suffering thus.


For example, like [a] great fire burning [a] person’s body, [if that] person [is] able [to] within wholeheartedly regulate [his] mind, [with] upright body [and] right practices, only do all good, [and] not do all evils, [his] body alone [will be] delivered [and] liberated, obtain their blessed virtues, [to be] delivered [from the] world, [with the] paths of ascent [to the] heavens [and] Nirvāṇa, [with] this as [the] Second Great Goodness.’

[Third Great Evil And Third Great Goodness]


[The] Buddha said, ‘Those [with] that Third Evil, [are the] world’s people, [who are with] one another [as] causes, relied on [for] birth, together dwelling between [the] heavens [and] earth. [With] living years [of] lifespans, not able [to have] many. Above having capable [and] wise elders, [those] honoured, powerful [and] wealthy, below having [those] poor, lowly, weak [and] foolish, [in the] middle having people of non-virtue, [who] constantly conceive evil.


Only mindful [of] lustfulness, [with] afflictions filling [their] minds within. [By] love [and] desires simultaneously confused, [with] sitting [and] standing not peaceful. [With] greedy minds guarding miserly, only desiring [to with] nothing obtain. Ogling [and] glancing at delicate forms, [with] evil manners outwardly uninhibited. [With their] own wives loathed, secretly [and] recklessly going out [and coming] in.


Wasting [and] losing family wealth, [with] matters done illegally. With [those] associated gathering, sending troops, [with] one another cut down. Assaulting, robbing, slaughtering [and] forcibly seizing without [the] principles.


[With] evil minds on [the] external, not personally cultivating livelihoods. Stealing [to] take [and] obtain, [for that] desired attacking [to] accomplish matters. [With that using] fear [and] power coerced, returning [to] give [them to their] wives.


Indulging [their] minds [in] pleasures, [to the] extreme [with their] bodies making merry. Perhaps with relatives, not avoiding [the] honoured [and] lowly. Family [members] internal [and] external, [are with] worrying and suffering then. Likewise not fearing kings’ laws [and] prohibitions.


Of such evils, [they are] revealed to humans [and] ghosts. [With the] sun [and] moon illuminated [and] seen, [with] gods recording [and in their] consciousnesses.


Thus having naturally [the] three paths, [with] immeasurable suffering [and] afflictions. Passing through many [paths], within them, life after life [for] continuous kalpas, not having exit dates, difficult [to] attain liberation, [with] pains unspeakable. [With] this as [the] Third Great Evil, Third Pain [and] Third Burning, [with] toilsome suffering thus.


For example, like [a] great fire burning [a] person’s body, [if that] person [is] that able [to] within wholeheartedly regulate [his] mind, [with] upright body [and] right practices, only do all good, [and] not do all evils, [his] body alone [will be] delivered [and] liberated, obtain their blessed virtues, [to be] delivered [from the] world, [with the] paths of ascent [to the] heavens [and] Nirvāṇa, [with] this as [the] Third Great Goodness.’

[Fourth Great Evil And Fourth Great Goodness]


[The] Buddha said, ‘Those [with] that Fourth Evil, [are the] world’s people, [who are] not mindful [of] cultivating good. [In] turn teaching [and] instucting one another, together doing all evils. [With] double-tongued [speech], abusive speech, false speech [and] frivolous speech. [With] slander harming, contending chaotically, hatefully jealous [of] good people. Ruining [the] capable [and] wise, by [the] side happy [and] joyful.


Not filial [to their] two parents, slighting [their] teachers [and] seniors. [With] friends without trust, difficult [to] obtain [the] truthful. [The] “honourable” [and] arrogant, say they have [the] path.


Running rampant [with] power [and] influence, [with] violating [and] slighting of people. Not able [to] know themselves, doing evil without shame. Regarding themselves [as] strong [and] sturdy, desiring people [to] revere [them with] awe.


Not fearing [the] heavens [and] earth, gods, sun [and] moon, not willing [to] do good, difficult [to be] subdued [and] transformed. Obstinate [and] arrogant, thinking [they] can [be] constantly thus. Without that worried [and] apprehensive [of], constantly conceiving arrogance. [Of] such all evils, naturally [by] gods recorded [and in their] consciousnesses.


Depending [on] their past lives’ slight created blessed virtues, [with] little good supporting [and] assisting, rescuing, protecting [and] helping them. [In] this life doing evil, blessed virtues [are] completely eliminated. All good ghosts [and] gods, [will] each go away [from] them. [With their] bodies alone, empty [and] isolated, without that [to] again rely [on].


[When their] lifespans end completely, [with] all evils that return [to them]. Naturally compelled [and] urged, together [to] their realms, [with] them taken by force. Moreover, [with] their names registered, [as] recorded [by] gods. [To] misfortunes [and] punishments led, [they] will [be] reborn [where] inclined towards.


[With] transgressions’ retribution natural, without ways [to] depart [from it]. Only having to go forward, [to] enter in flaming cauldrons. [With] bodies [and] minds destroyed [and] broken, [their] consciousnesses [with] pain [and] suffering. When [at] this moment, [with] regrets again, how [will this be] in time? [As the] natural law [is] bright [and] just, [it] cannot [be with] slips [and] falls.


Thus having naturally [the] three paths, [with] immeasurable suffering [and] afflictions. Passing through many [paths], within them, life after life [for] continuous kalpas, not having exit dates, difficult [to] attain liberation, [with] pains unspeakable. [With] this as [the] Fourth Great Evil, Fourth Pain [and] Fourth Burning, [with] toilsome suffering thus.


For example, like [a] great fire burning [a] person’s body, [if that] person [is] able [to] within wholeheartedly regulate [his] mind, [with] upright body [and] right practices, only do all good, [and] not do all evils, [his] body alone [will be] delivered [and] liberated, obtain their blessed virtues, [to be] delivered [from the] world, [with the] paths of ascent [to the] heavens [and] Nirvāṇa, [with] this as [the] Fourth Great Goodness.’

[Fifth Great Evil And Fifth Great Goodness]


[The] Buddha said, ‘Those [with] that Fifth Evil, [are the] world’s people, [who are] dithering, slack [and] lazy, not willing [to] do good, control [their] bodies [and] cultivate livelihoods. [With] family members hungry [and] cold, [with] difficulties suffering.


[Towards their] fathers [and] mothers teaching [and] instructing, [with] glaring eyes angrily responding. [With their] words [and] orders not harmonious, going against, opposing [and] contradicting [them]. For example, like enemies, not as good as [being] without children.


[With] taking [and] giving without control, [with] all together suffering loathing [them]. Betraying kindness [and] violating righteousness, not having [the] mind of repayment. Poor [with] difficulties [of that] lacking, not able [to] again obtain [them].


Plundering [and] amassing, freely taking by force, arrogantly indulgent [and] idling about. Habitually [and] repeatedly, using [that with] nothing obtained, [for] oneself aiding [and] giving. Indulging [in] wine [and] fond [of the] beautiful, drinking [and] eating without limit.


[With] unrestrained minds indulging, dull-witted [and] domineering, rude [and] impetuous. Not recognising human feelings, [with] strong desires [to] suppress [others]. Seeing people having good, jealously loathing them.


Without righteousness [and] without propriety, without any misgivings [about others’] difficulties. Obstinate [with their] knowledge [as] right, [they] cannot [be] admonished [to] know. [Of their] six relations’ family members, [being] with [or] without their resources, not able [to have] worried thoughts.


Not contemplating kindness of [their] fathers [and] mothers, not retaining righteousness [of] teachers [and] friends. [With] minds constantly mindful [of] evil, mouths constantly speaking [of] evil, [and] bodies constantly doing evil, formerly without once good.


Not believing [in] ancient sages [and] all Buddhas’ sūtras’ Dharma, not believing practising [the] path can attain deliverance [from the] world, [and] not believing [that] after death, [their] consciousnesses [are] again born. Not believing [that] doing good attains good, [and that] doing evil attains evil.


Desiring [to] kill people [who have realised the] truth, contending chaotically [with] all [in the] Saṃgha. Desiring [to] harm [their] fathers, mothers, brothers [and] family members. [With their] six relations loathed, wishing [to] enable their deaths. Such people [of the] world, [are with their] minds’ thoughts together thus.


[With] ignorance obscured, yet regarding themselves [as] wise. Not knowing [with] birth from where coming, [and with] death [to] where inclined towards. Not benevolent [and] not filial, [with] evil contradicting [the] heavens [and] earth. Yet in them within, hoping [to be] lucky. Desiring [to] seek long lives, [they] will definitely return [to] death.


[Those with] loving-kindness’ mind teach [and] instruct, [to] enable them [to be] mindful [of] good. [With] teachings [on] births [and] deaths’ realms of good [and] evil, naturally having these, yet not willing [to] believe them. [Those] painstakingly given words, [are] without benefit [to] these persons. [With] minds within closed [and] blocked, [their] thoughts [are] not open [to] understanding.


[With] lifespan going to end, regrets [and] fear simultaneously arrive. Not in advance cultivating good, [when] approaching [the] end then regretting, regretting this when later, how [is this] going to [be] in time?


Between [the] heavens [and] earth, [the] five paths [are] distinct [and] clear. Vast [and] extensive, dim [and] dusky, expansive [and] boundless. [With] good [and] evil, repaying [and] retributing, [with] misfortunes [and] blessings, carrying on in succession. [By] themselves personally bearing them, without those whosoever [to] replace [them].


[With] principles of nature, responding [in] time [with] that practised. [With] misfortunes [and] punishments pursuing [in] life, without ways [to] abandon [them]. Good persons practising good, from bliss enter bliss, from brightness enter brightness. Evil persons practising evil, from suffering enter suffering, from darkness enter darkness. Who [are] those able [to] know [these]? Alone [do the] Buddhas know only.


[With] teachings spoken [to] teach, those believing [and] using [them are] few. [With] births [and] deaths not resting, [and the] evil paths not ending. Such people [of the] world, [are] difficult to [be] stated completely.


Thus having naturally [the] three paths, [with] immeasurable suffering [and] afflictions. Passing through many [paths], within them, life after life [for] continuous kalpas, not having exit dates, difficult [to] attain liberation, [with] pains unspeakable. [With] this as [the] Fifth Great Evil, Fifth Pain [and] Fifth Burning, [with] toilsome suffering thus.


For example, like [a] great fire burning [a] person’s body, [if that] person [is] able [to] within wholeheartedly regulate [his] mind, [with] upright body [and] right thoughts, [with] speech [and] actions matching one another, [with] that done [with] utmost sincerity, that said [with] thusness’ speech, [with the] mind [and] mouth not turned [away from each other], only do all good, [and] not do all evils, [his] body alone [will be] delivered [and] liberated, obtain their blessed virtues, [to be] delivered [from the] world, [with the] paths of ascent [to the] heavens [and] Nirvāṇa, [with] this as [the] Fifth Great Goodness.’

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