[35] Thirty-Fifth Chapter On Those With Doubts And Regrets Dwelling In Wombs (Of Immeasurable Life Sūtra)《无量寿经》疑悔处胎第卅五

Thirty-Fifth [Chapter On Those With] Doubts [And] Regrets Dwelling [In] Womb


At that time, Maitreya Bodhisattva [to the] Buddha said, ‘World-Honoured [One, for] what causes [and] what conditions, [are] that land’s people [with] womb births [and] manifested births?’


[The] Buddha told Maitreya, ‘If [there] are sentient beings, with doubtful [and] confused minds, cultivating all meritorious virtues, [and] aspiring [to be] born [in] that land. Not understanding [the] Buddha’s wisdom, inconceivable wisdom, unnameable wisdom, Great Vehicle’s vast wisdom, [and] without equal [and] without peer, [the] supreme excellent wisdom. Of all these wisdoms, [with] doubts [and] confusions, not believing [them].


However, still believing [in] transgressions [and] blessings, cultivating good roots, [and] aspiring [to be] born [in] that land. All these sentient beings, [will be] born in those palace halls, [for the] lifespan [of] five hundred years, constantly not seeing [the] Buddha, not hearing sūtras’ Dharma, not seeing Bodhisattvas [and] Voice-Hearers’ noble assemblies, therefore in that land, calling them [to have] womb births.


If [there] are sentient beings, [with] understanding [and] faith [in the] Buddha’s wisdom, and even [his] excellent wisdom, creating all meritorious virtues, [and with] faithful minds dedicating. All these sentient beings, [will] from seven treasures’ flowers within, naturally [have] manifested births, [in the] lotus posture then seated. [In the] short time of [a] moment, [with] bodily forms [of] bright light, wisdom [and] meritorious virtues, like all Bodhisattvas [who are] completely accomplished.


Furthermore, Maitreya, [of] other directions’ all Great Bodhisattvas, [who] give rise [to the] desire [to] see Immeasurable Life Buddha, [to] reverently make offerings, and [to] all Bodhisattvas [and] Voice-Hearers’ noble assemblies, those Bodhisattvas [and] others, [when their] lives end, [will] attain birth [in] Immeasurable Life [Buddha’s] Land, from seven treasures’ flowers within, naturally [have] manifested births.


Maitreya, [you] should know, that those [with] manifested births, [have] wisdom excellent thus. Those [with] womb births, [are] all without wisdom, for five hundred years within, constantly not seeing [the] Buddha, not hearing sūtras’ Dharma, not seeing Bodhisattvas [and] all Voice-Hearers’ assemblies. Unable [to] make offerings to [the] Buddha, [and] not knowing Bodhisattvas’ rules [and] conduct, [they] cannot cultivate meritorious virtues. [You] should know [that] these persons, when [in their] past lives, [did] not have wisdom, [as] caused by doubts [and] confusions.’


[The] Buddha told Maitreya, ‘For example, [a] Wheel-Turning Noble King, has seven treasures’ prisons, [with] all kinds [of] adornments, laid out [with] bed curtains, [and] hanging [with] all silky canopies.


If [there] are all young princes, [who have] offended [the] king, [they are] then in those prisons within, bound with gold chains. [With] offered food, clothing, bedding, flowers, incenses [and] music, like [that of the] Wheel-Turning King, without that lacking. What [do you] think of [this? Of] all these princes, can they have bliss [in] those places [or] not?’


[In] reply said, ‘[They will] not. [They will] only, [with] all kinds [of] skilful means, seek all [those with] great power, desiring [to] personally [be] exempted [for] exit.’


[The] Buddha told Maitreya, ‘All these sentient beings, [are] likewise thus. With doubts [and] confusions [about the] Buddha’s wisdom thus, born [in] those seven treasures’ palace halls, not having punishment, and even one thought [of] evil matters.


However, for five hundred years within, not seeing [the] Triple Gem, [they] cannot make offerings [and] cultivate all good roots, with these as suffering. Although having other joys, [they are] still not blissful [in] those places.


If these sentient beings, recognise their root transgressions, [with] deep personal repentance [and] reproach, seek departure [from] those places, [they will] immediately attain as wished, [to] go to Immeasurable Life Buddha’s place, [to] reverently make offerings, also attaining reaching [of] everywhere, immeasurable [and] innumerable all other Buddhas’ places, [to] cultivate all meritorious virtues.


Maitreya, [you] should know, [that] there are those Bodhisattvas, [who] give rise [to] doubts [and] confusions, because of [them], losing great benefits. Therefore, [you] should [have] understanding [and] faith [in] all Buddhas’ unsurpassable wisdom.’

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