[26] The Parable Of The Person Imitating A King’s Eye-Twitching From The Sūtra Of A Hundred Parables《百喻经》之人效王眼瞤喻

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[The] Sūtra [Of A] Hundred Parables

(26) Parable [Of The] Person Imitating [A] King’s Eye-Twitching


[In the] past, [there] was a person, desiring [to] get [the] King’s agreeability, asked other people, saying, ‘How [can I] get it?’

[There] was [a] person [who] said, ‘If desiring [to] get that King’s agreeability, [with the] appearance of [the] King, you should imitate it.’


This person immediately, after arriving [at the] King’s place, seeing [the] King’s eyes twitching, then imitated [the] King’s twitching.


[The] King asked him, saying, ‘Are you sick? Is [it because of having] caught [the] wind? Why [are you] with [your] eyes twitching?’


That person answered [the] King, ‘I [am] not [with] sickness [of the] eyes, also not [having] caught [the] wind. Desiring [to] get [the] King’s agreeability, seeing [the] King’s eyes twitching, thus imitating [the] King too.’


[The] King, [having] heard this said, [was] immediately [with] great anger, immediately ordering [the] person [to be with] all kinds [of] harm [i.e. punishments], expelling [him] out [the] country.


[The] world’s people [are] likewise thus, of [the] Buddha, [the] Dharma King, [they] desire [to] get close [to him, to] seek his good Dharma [teachings], with [them for] personal growth. [Having] gotten close already, not understanding [that the] Thus Come [One, the] Dharma King, for sentient beings thus, [is with] all kinds [of] skilful means, then appearing [to be with] their ‘faults’ [and] ‘shortcomings’, perhaps hearing these Dharma [teachings], seeing [them to] have words [and] lines [that are] not right, then giving rise [to] slander, imitating those [that are] not right.


Because of this thus, of [the] Buddha’s Dharma [teachings] within, forever losing those good, falling into [the] three evil [paths], like that [person] imitating [the] King, [they are] likewise thus.

[Note: There should not be blind following of others’ words and deeds, even if they are ‘revered’ by ‘many’. There should be proper learning, perhaps with enquiry too, to understand what is sensible and worthy first. Otherwise, there might be mere copying of unskilful words and deeds, or copying of skilful words and deeds unskilfully, out of proper context.

This might not only be not useful to oneself and others, it might be harmful too. With misunderstanding of the Dharma, there can be misrepresenting of the Dharma to others too, thus slandering the Dharma (谤法) and creating evil karma (恶业).]

Namo Amituofo : Translation and notes by Shen Shi’an

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