[1] Section On Benefits Of Departure From Killing Lives In The Sūtra Of Ten Good Karmas’ Path《十善业道经》之离杀生之利益篇

[Rewards Of (The) Ten Good Karmas]


Dragon King, [you] should know [that] Bodhisattvas have one Dharma [teaching, that is] able [to] sever all evil paths’ suffering. What is [this] one? [It is] called, in day [and] night, constantly [being] mindful, contemplating [and] observing good dharmas, [to] lead all good dharmas, [from] thought [to] thought, [to] increase [and] grow, not allowing [one] fine hair’s part [of] non-good [to be in] between mixed. [This] is then able [to] lead all evils [to be] forever severed, [and] good dharmas [to be] fulfilled, constantly attaining getting close [to] all Buddhas, Bodhisattvas and others [in] noble assemblies.

言善法者,谓人天身、声闻菩提、独觉菩提、无上菩提,皆依此法以为根本而得成就,故名善法。此法即是十善业道。何等为十?谓能 [1] 永离杀生、[2] 偷盗、[3] 邪行、[4] 妄语、[5] 两舌、[6] 恶口、[7] 绮语、[8] 贪欲、[9] 瞋恚、[10] 邪见。

Speaking [of] those good dharmas, [those] called human [and] heavenly [beings’], bodies, Voice-Hearers’ Bodhi, Lone Awakeners’ Bodhi, [and] Unsurpassable Bodhi, all rely [on] this Dharma [teaching], with [it] as root, then attaining accomplishment, thus named [as] good dharmas. This Dharma [teaching] is thus [the] Ten Good Karmas’ path. What are [the] ten? [They are] called [being] able [to] [1] forever depart [from] killing lives, [2] stealing, [3] sexual misconduct, [4] false speech, [5] double-tongued [speech], [6] harsh speech, [7] frivolous speech, [8] greedy desires, [9] anger [and] [10] evil views.

[1] [离杀生之利益]
[1] [Benefits Of Departure (From) Killing Lives]

龙王!若 [1] 离杀生,即得成就十离恼法。何等为十?

Dragon King, if [1] departing [from] killing lives, [this] immediately attains accomplishment [of] ten departure [from] afflictions’ dharmas. What are [the] ten?

[i] 一、于诸众生普施无畏;
[ii] 二、常于众生起大慈心;
[iii] 三、永断一切瞋恚习气;
[iv] 四、身常无病;
[v] 五、寿命长远;
[vi] 、恒为非人之所守护;
[vii] 七、常无恶梦,寝觉快乐;
[viii] 八、灭除怨结,众怨自解;
[ix] 九、无恶道怖;
[x] 十、命终生天;是为十。

[i] First, for all sentient beings universally giving fearlessness.
[ii] Second, constantly for sentient beings giving rise [to] great loving-kindness’ mind.
[iii] Third, forever severing all [of] anger’s habitual tendencies.  
[iv] Fourth, [with] bodies constantly without sicknesses.
[v] Fifth, [with] lifespans long-lasting.
[vi] Sixth, constantly by non-humans [as] those guarded [and] protected.
[vii] Seventh, constantly without nightmares, [with] sleeping [and] waking happy [and] blissful.
[viii] Eighth, eliminating enmity’s bonds, [from] all enmity naturally liberated.
[ix] Ninth, without evil paths’ fears.
[x] Tenth, [at] lives’ end born [in] heavens. These are [the] ten.


If [there are] those able [to] dedicate [to] Anuttarā Samyak Saṃbodhi, when later accomplishing Buddhahood, attaining Buddhahood, according [to their] wishes, [with] ease [of] lifespans.

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