[iii] Section On Understanding Thoroughly Cause And Effect, To Cultivate Good Karmas In The Sūtra Of Ten Good Karmas’ Path《十善业道经》之了达因果,修习善业篇

[Understand Thoroughly Cause (And) Effect, (To) Cultivate Good Karmas]


Those wise, knowing [this] already, should cultivate good karmas, [as] with these [are] those arising [Five] Aggregates, [Twelve] Bases, [Eighteen] Realms [and] others, all upright, [with] those seeing [them] without dislike.

[Note 1:

Five Aggregates (五蕴):

Form (色)
Feelings (受)
Perception (想)
Mental Formation (行)
Consciousness (识)

Twelve Bases (十二处):

Six Roots (六根):

(1) Eye Root (眼根)
Ear Root (耳根)
Nose Root (鼻根)
Tongue Root (舌根)
Body Root (身根)
Mind Root (意根)


Six Objects (六境):

(7) Eye Object (of sight) (眼境)
Ear Object (of sound) (耳境)
Nose Object (of smell) (鼻境)
Tongue Object (of taste) (舌境)
Body Object (of touch) (身境)
Mind Object (of thought) (意境)

Eighteen Realms (十八界):

Six Roots (六根), Six Objects (六境) (as above) and

Six Consciousnesses (六识):

(13) Eye Consciousness (Sight) (眼识)
Ear Consciousness (Sound) (耳识)
Nose Consciousness (Smell) (鼻识)
Tongue Consciousness (Taste) (舌识)
Body Consciousness (Touch) (身识)
Mind Consciousness (Thought) (意识)]


Dragon King, you [can] contemplate [the] Buddha’s body, [which is] from [a] hundred thousand koṭis [of] blessed virtues that arisen, [with] all forms majestic, bright light prominent [and] glorious, [that] conceal [those of] all [in the] great assembly. If [there are] immeasurable koṭis [of] Ease [Heaven’s Kings and] Brahma [Heavens’] Kings, all [will] not again appear. There are those [who] look up at [the] Thus Come [One’s] body, [with] none not dazzled.


You [can] also contemplate all these Great Bodhisattvas, [with] wonderful forms majestic [and] pure, [which are] all from cultivating [and] collecting [of] good karmas’ blessed virtues, then arising.


Also, all heavenly [beings’ and] dragons’ eight divisions’ assemblies [and] others, those [with] great might [and] power, [are] likewise because [of] good karmas’ blessed virtues, [from] those arising.

[Note 2:

Heavenly Beings’ And Dragons’ Eight Divisions (天龙八部):

Deva (Heavenly Being) (天)
(2) Nāga (Dragon) (龙)
(3) Yakṣa (夜叉)
(4) Gandharva (干闼婆)
(5) Asura (阿修罗)
(6) Garuḍa (迦楼罗)
(7) Kiṁnara (紧那罗)
(8) Mahoraga (摩睺罗伽)]


Now within [the] great ocean, all those sentient beings, [with] bodies [and] countenances coarse [and] lowly, perhaps great or small, [are] all due [to their] personal minds’ all kinds [of] perceptions [and] thoughts, [with] creating [of] physical, verbal, [and] mental, all non-good karmas, therefore following [these] karmas, [with] each receiving retribution.


You now should thus cultivate [and] learn, [and] likewise lead sentient beings [to] understand thoroughly cause [and] effect, [to] cultivate good karmas.


You should rely on these Right Views [to be] immovable, [and] not again fall into nihilistic [and] eternalist views within. At all blessings’ fields [with] joyful [and] reverent making [of] offerings, therefore, you [and] others [will] likewise attain human [and] heavenly [beings’] honouring [and] reverence, [with] making [of] offerings.

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