[3] Section On Restraint Of Mind In The Sūtra Of The Buddha’s Bequeathed Teachings《佛遗教经》之制心篇

[3] Restraint [Of] Mind


[Śākyamuni Buddha]: You [and] other Bhikṣus, [those] already able [to] abide [by the] precepts, should restrain [your] five roots [of the (1) eye, (2) ear, (3) nose, (4) tongue and (5) body (眼耳鼻舌身)], not leading [to] laxity, [with] entering of [the] five desires [for (1) wealth, (2) sex, (3) fame, (4) food and (5) sleep (财色名食睡)].


For example, like those persons herding cows, holding staves looking [after] them, [do] not lead [them to be] released [and] escape, [to] invade [other] persons’ seedlings [and] crops. If releasing [the] five roots, not only will [the] five desires, [have] boundless banks, [they] cannot [be] restrained too.


Also like fierce horses, not with reins restrained, [they] will be [those] leading people [to] fall into pits [and] traps.


If by thieves robbed, [the] suffering [is] only [for] one life, [while the] five roots’ thieves’ misfortunes, bring disasters to accumulated lives, doing harms [that are] extremely heavy. [There] cannot [be] no caution. Therefore, those wise [will] restrain and not comply [with them], resisting them like thieves, not leading [them to be] released [and] escape. If [there are those] releasing them, all [will] also not long see their obliteration.


These five roots, [are with the] mind as their master. Therefore, you [and] others, should well restrain [your] minds. That fearfulness [of the] mind, [is even] more [so] than poisonous snakes, fierce beasts, hateful thieves, [and] great fires, surpassing [these, with them] yet [to be] sufficient [as] analogies.


For example, [there] are people, [with] hands holding honey vessels, moving [and] turning hastily [and] impulsively, only looking at that honey, not seeing deep pits. For example, like mad elephants without hooks, apes [and] monkeys getting to trees, leaping [and] dithering, [they are] difficult [to] be restrained.


[There] should urgently [be] inhibiting [of] it, without leading [to] laxity. Those releasing [i.e. or indulging] this mind, [will] lose humans’ good matters, [while those] restraining it [in] one place, [are with] no matters not done. Therefore, Bhikṣus, [you] should [be] constantly diligent, [in] subduing your minds.

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