[2] Section On Upholding Of Precepts In The Sūtra Of The Buddha’s Bequeathed Teachings《佛遗教经》之持戒篇

[ii] Main Principles’ Section

[2] Upholding [Of] Precepts


‘You [and] other Bhikṣus [i.e. monastics], after my Parinirvāṇa [i.e. relinquishment of the Buddha’s body], should honour, treasure [and] revere [the] Prātimokṣa [i.e. precepts that lead towards liberation], like [in] darkness encountering brightness, poor persons obtaining treasures. [You] should know [that] this is then [the] great teacher [of] yours [and] others, [and] if [with] me abiding [in this] world, [it is] without difference [from] this.


Those upholding pure precepts, must not sell [and] trade, help [to] settle fields [and] houses, raise livestock, people, servants [and] animals. All planting [and] growing, and all wealth [and] treasures, all should [be] far departed [from], like avoiding fire pits. [There] must not [be] cutting [and] chopping [of] grass [and] trees, cultivating [of] earth [and] digging [of] land.


Combining [and] blending decoctions [of] medicines, observing forms [for] auspiciousness [and] inauspiciousness, looking upwards [to] observe constellations, predicting astronomical phenomena, [lunar] waxing [and] waning, [with] counting [and] calculating, all those should not [be done]. Regulate [your] bodies [with] timely eating, [with] purity [for] personal survival.


[You] must not participate [in] worldly matters, [to be] connected [and] sent [on] missions, [with] incantation skills [and] “immortal medicines”, befriending [and] fawning [on] high-ranking people, [to be] close [and] hospitable [by being] disrespectful [and] undignified. All [these] should not [be] done.


[You] should personally upright [your] minds, [with] Right Mindfulness seek deliverance, [and] must not contain [and] hide [your] flaws, [to] appear differently [for] confusing people.


Of [the] four offerings [of (1) food and drink (饮食), (2) robes (衣服), (3) bedding (卧具) and (4) medicine (汤药)], knowing [the proper] measure [and] knowing contentment, [for the] objective [of] obtaining offered items, [they] should not [be] stored [and] accumulated.


This then [is] briefly speaking [on the] forms of upholding precepts. [As the] precepts are [that] rightly following [the] roots of liberation, [they are] thus named [the] Prātimokṣa. Because [of] relying [on] these precepts, attaining [the] arising [of] all meditative concentrations, and eliminating suffering’s wisdom. Therefore, Bhikṣus, [you] should uphold [the] pure precepts, [and] not lead [them to be] destroyed [and] lacking.


If able [to] uphold [the] pure precepts, [you] are then able [to] have good Dharma [teachings]. If without [the] pure precepts, all good [and] meritorious virtues all cannot arise. With this, [you] should know, [that the] precepts [are] as [the] foremost tranquil meritorious virtues’ dwelling place.

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