[5] Section On Abstinence From Drowsiness In The Sūtra Of The Buddha’s Bequeathed Teachings《佛遗教经》之戒睡眠篇

[5] Abstinence [From] Drowsiness


[Śākyamuni Buddha]: You [and] other Bhikṣus, [in] day then, [should be with the] diligent mind practising good Dharma [teachings], without leading [to] missed opportunities. [In the] first [period of the] night [i.e. 6 p.m. – 10 p.m.] [and the] later [period of the] night [i.e. 2 a.m. – 6 a.m.], also not having [them] abandoned.


[In the] middle [period of the] night [i.e. 10 p.m. – 2 a.m.] reciting sūtras, with [this] naturally [having] restrained rest, not with drowsiness [i.e. also sleepiness] [as] cause [and] condition, [that] leads [to this] one life [being] passed in vain, without that attained.


[You] should [be] mindful [of the] fire of impermanence, [that] burns all [in the] world, soon seek self-deliverance, [and] not [be] drowsy. [As] all afflictions’ thieves, [are] constantly waiting [to] kill people, [even] more [so] than enemies, how can [there be] drowsiness, [to] not personally [be] vigilant [to] awaken?


[As] afflictions’ poisonous snakes, sleeping in your minds, for example, [are] like black vipers, in your bedrooms sleeping, [you] should with [the] hook of upheld precepts, soon expel them. [With the] sleeping snakes already gone, then can [there be] peaceful sleep. [With them] not gone yet sleeping, is [to be] shameless persons.


[The] robes of [moral] shame [i.e. also humility], of all adornments, [are] as [the] most foremost. [As] shame [is] like [an] iron hook, able [to] restrain people [from] non-Dharma, therefore constantly should [there be] shame [i.e. also repentance], without having [it] temporarily replaced. If departing [from] shame, [they will] then lose all meritorious virtues.


Of people having shame, [they will] then have good Dharma [teachings]. If [there are] those without shame, [they are] with all birds [and] beasts, without differences [from] one another.

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