[5] Fifth Pure Land Teachings’ General Essential: Pure Land Biographies Say… 净土总要五:《净土传》云…

[5] Fifth Pure Land [Teachings’] General Essential

[Pure Land Biographies Say…]


Pure Land Biographies say, ‘Amitā[bha] Buddha, with Contemplator [Of] Sounds [Bodhisattva and] Power Arrived Bodhisattva, riding [on their] great vows’ ship, drift [on the] ocean [of] birth [and] death, [to] approach this Sahā World, calling [and] guiding sentient beings [to] board [their] great vows’ ship, [to be] sent to [the] Western [Pure Land]. If [there are] those willing [to be] reborn, [there are] none not attaining birth.’


Contemplating this, then is [the] Buddha and Bodhisattvas sympathetically mindful [of] sentient beings sinking [in] suffering’s ocean, [who are] unable [to] attain exit thus, personally [with their] vows’ mighty power, beckoning [and] enticing people [to be] born [in the] Pure Land.


Like boatmen beckoning [and] enticing travellers [to] ascend [their] boats, [to be] sent to [the] other shore. Only [to be] feared [are] people not [having] Faith. If [with the] faithful mind willing [to be] reborn, although having transgressions [and] evils, also without [those] not attaining birth.


About [the] Buddha, [he] cannot with ordinary persons [be] compared. Ordinary persons, [if] not for power [and] benefits, [do] not with people interact. Not having benefits for [them]selves, not with people interacting. [With] this, therefore as ordinary people too. [If] virtuous people [and] noble persons [are] already not like this, moreover of [the] Buddha?


Because [if] not [with] loving-kindness [and] compassion, [this is] not sufficient [to] become Buddhas. Not aiding [and] delivering sentient beings, [this is] not sufficient [to] become Buddhas. Not having great majestic power, [this is] not enough [to] become Buddhas.


For them [having] loving-kindness [and] compassion, thus seeing sentient beings sinking in suffering’s ocean, then desiring [to] aid [and] deliver [them]. For them having great majestic power, thus able [to] thereupon [have the] mind [of] aiding [and] delivering [them], accomplishing [the] merits of aiding [and] delivering. [With] these, therefore becoming Buddhas.


[A] sūtra says, ‘[A] great healer king [is] able [to] cure all sicknesses, [but] not able [to] cure people, whose lives [have] ended. [The] Buddhas [are] able [to] deliver all sentient beings, [but] not able [to] deliver all people, who [do] not [have] Faith [in them].’ With [those] not [having] Faith [as an] analogy [for] those [whose] lives [are] ending, [this] can [be] said [to be] extremely [appropriate]. About that Faith, [it is this] one thought.


If [a] person when living, [with the] mind’s thought wanting [to] go, [the] body then follows [to] go. [With the] mind’s thought desiring [to] stand, [the] body then follows [to] stand. [This] is [the] body constantly following [the] thought. However, still having those [with the] thought desiring [to] go, yet [the] body [is] by that led [and] bound.


When [the] body [is] destroyed, [there is] only one thought [before rebirth. With] one thought reaching [a] place, [it is] then without [where] not reached. Therefore, [with] one thought on [the] Pure Land, then definitely born [in the] Pure Land, moreover, [with the] Buddha and Bodhisattvas also beckoning [and] guiding people [to be] reborn?


Sòng [Dynasty’s] Wáng Rìxiū
Lóngshū’s Pure Land Text:
Second Scroll: Seven Essays [On] Pure Land [Teachings’] General Essentials

Namo Amituofo : Translation by Shen Shi’an

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