[6] Sixth Pure Land Teachings’ General Essential: Amitābha Buddha Has A Vow That Says… 净土总要六:阿弥陀佛有誓愿云…

[6] Sixth Pure Land [Teachings’] General Essential

[Amitā(bha) Buddha Has (A) Vow (That) Says…]


Amitā[bha] Buddha has [a] vow [that] says, ‘Those already born [in] my land, [who] desire [to] go towards other directions [to be] born, [will] accordingly [reach] those places [as] aspired, forever not again falling [into the] three evil paths.’ Why thus?


Those born [in the] Pure Land, [will] definitely realise Non-Arising [Of] Dharmas’ Forbearance. Moreover, those [with] Non-Arising [Of] Dharmas’ Forbearance, [are] then liberated [from] birth [and] death too. Those liberated [from] birth [and] death, although entering realms [of] birth [and] death within, [of] this one [Buddha-]nature, [they are] already not ignorant [of it. With this] one nature since not ignorant [of, for] what reason then, [can they] become evil? Discussing [on] this principle, [they are] certainly without [those] falling. Moreover, also relying [on the] Buddha’s power, [they are] thus definitely without [those] falling.


Therefore, those born [in the] Pure Land, [are] not only [with] long life without ageing, also [with] birth [and] death with ease thus. If desiring [to] transform all sentient beings, then entering all sentient beings’ realms [of] birth [and] death within, then with my true nature constantly clear [and] bright, not again confused by external objects, [and] not again led by karmic conditions.


Although with rebirth [in the] world, yet without again reborn, [they] are those so-called worldly [and] world-transcending too. [They are] called [those] although in [the] world, yet world-transcending.


Therefore, those born [in the] Pure Land [are] then [with] birth [and] death [with] ease. Desiring [to be] born [in the] heavens above, [this is] also possible. Desiring [to be] born [in the] human world, [this is] also possible. Desiring [to be] born within great wealth [and] honour, [this is] also possible. Desiring [to be] born within purity, [this is] also possible. Desiring [to have] long life [that is] unceasing, [this is] also possible. Desiring [to have] ceasing yet again born, [this is] also possible.


Accordingly [as] wished [with] that desired, without [those] not [with] ease, [with] this as [that] precious of cultivation [to reach the] Pure Land. [As the] world’s people [do] not know these principles, [they are] only for birth [and] death [having] those suffering.


Desiring [to be] born within wealth [and] honour, instead born with poverty [and] lowliness. Desiring [to be] born within happiness [and] bliss, instead born with worries [and] sadness. Desiring [to be] born then [with] long life, instead born then [with] premature death. Desiring [to be] born in good paths, instead born in evil realms. By those all kinds [of] external objects confused, [and by] those karmic conditions led, not attaining ease.


Therefore, [with] beginningless kalpas since, reborn [in the] six paths, not attaining departure. [There] should [be] mindfulness [of] this [and] other worries [and] suffering, [to] turn [the] mind [towards the] Pure Land. Therefore [with] that named [as the] Land [Of] Ultimate Bliss, its meaning can [be] seen.


Sòng [Dynasty’s] Wáng Rìxiū
Lóngshū’s Pure Land Text:
Second Scroll: Seven Essays [On] Pure Land [Teachings’] General Essentials

Namo Amituofo : Translation by Shen Shi’an

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[2] Second Scroll: Seven Essays On The Pure Land Teachings’ General Essentials

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