[7] Seventh Pure Land Teachings’ General Essential: Wúwéizi Yáng Jié Cìgōng… 净土总要七:无为杨杰次公…

[7] Seventh Pure Land [Teachings’] General Essential

[Wúwéi(zi) Yáng Jié Cìgōng…]


Wúwéi[zi] [无为子] [with style name (字) of] Yáng Jié [and art name (号) of] Cìgōng, [when] young, climbed high [in an] imperial exam, and was] clear [with the] Chán door’s objectives. [He] said [that as] sentient beings’ roots have [those] sharp [and] dull, then [of] that close, [which is] then easy [to] know, [and that] succinct, [which is] then easy [to] practise, [it is] only [with the practice for reaching the] Western Pure Land. Only [having] wholehearted contemplation [and] mindfulness, [that] relies [on the] Buddha’s vows’ power, [there will be] direct birth [in his Land Of] Nurturing Peace.

其为王敏仲作 《〈直指净土决疑〉序》云:「阿弥陀佛光明如大圆月,遍照十方。水清而净,则月现全体,月非趋水而遽来;水浊而动,则月无定光,月非舍水而遽去。在水则有清浊动静,在月则无取舍去来。

He, for Wáng Mǐnzhòng wrote [in the] Direct Pointers [To] Pure Land [For] Resolving Doubts’ preface, saying, ‘Amitā[bha Buddha’s] bright light [is] like [a] great full moon, [that] everywhere illuminates [in the] ten directions. [With] water clear and pure, then [does the] moon appear entirely, [with the] moon not hastening [towards the] water, then swiftly coming. [With] water defiled and moving, then [is the] moon without concentrated light, [with the] moon not abandoning [the] water, then swiftly going. [This] depends [on the] water, then having clarity [or] defilements, movements [or] stillness, [and] depends [on the] moon, then without clinging [and] abandoning, going [and] coming.

故《华严经》 载解脱长者子云:『知一切佛犹如影像,自心如水,彼诸如来不来至此,我若欲见安乐世界阿弥陀如来,随意即见。』是知众生注念,定见阿弥陀。若生彼土,则无诸苦。

Thus, [the] Flower Adornment Sūtra records Liberation Elder’s son saying, “Knowing [that] all Buddhas [are] just like reflections’ images, [with] one’s mind like water, [and with] all those Thus Come [Ones] not coming [to] arrive here, I, if desiring [to] see [the] Land [Of] Peace [And] Bliss’ Amitā Thus Come [One], accordingly [as] wished, [will] immediately see [him].” [With] this, know [that] sentient beings [with] focused mindfulness, [will] definitely see Amitā[bha Buddha]. If born [in] that land, then without all suffering.


[The] Pratyutpanna Samādhi Sūtra says, “Bhadrapāla Bodhisattva asked Śākya[muni] Buddha, ‘[Of] future sentient beings, how [can they] attain sight [of the] ten directions’ all Buddhas?’ [The] Buddha [then] taught [him, to] enable mindfulness [of] Amitā[bha] Buddha, [to] immediately see [the] ten directions’ all Buddhas.”

又《大宝积经》 云:『若他方众生闻无量寿如来名号,乃至能发一念净信,欢喜爱乐,所有善根回向愿生其国者,随愿往生,得不退转。』此皆佛言也。不信佛言,何言可信?不生净土,何土可生?」

Also, [the] Great Treasures’ Collection Sūtra says, “If other directions’ sentient beings hear Immeasurable Life Thus Come [One’s] name, and even those [who are] able [to] give rise [to] one thought [of] pure Faith, [with] joy [and] love, [with] all those good roots dedicating, aspiring [to be] born [in] his land, according [to their] Aspiration [with] rebirth, [they will] attain non-retrogression [there].” This [is what] all Buddhas say too. [If] not believing [the] Buddhas’ words, whose words can [be] believed? [If] not born [in his] Pure Land, [in] which land can [they be] born?’


[Sū] Dōngpō [苏东坡] said, ‘[When] Cìgōng [in his] later years became [a] supervising governor, [he was] constantly [with a] painted Amitā[bha] Buddha image [of one] zhàng [and] six [chǐs], following [in his] travels, [for] making offerings, contemplation [and] mindfulness. Until when [his] life [was] ending, [he] connected [to the] Buddha, [who] came [to] welcome [him, as he] sat upright and departed.’

[Note: With one zhàng being 170 centimetres, and one chǐ being 17 centimetres, the image was 2.72 metres tall, which is said to be the height of the Buddha in our world, as calculated in this ‘link‘.]


Sòng [Dynasty’s] Wáng Rìxiū
Lóngshū’s Pure Land Text:
Second Scroll: Seven Essays [On] Pure Land [Teachings’] General Essentials

Namo Amituofo : Translation by Shen Shi’an

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