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The Name Of Amituofo Is The Supreme Mantra

In another of many Pure Land sutras, as named below, its contents are similar to that of the Amita[bha] Sutra (佛说阿弥陀经: Its distinction is the following excerpt between these corresponding parts of the Amita Sutra:

… 舍利弗,不可以少善根福德因缘得生彼国…
… Shariputra, one cannot use few good roots, blessings, virtues
and causal connections [causes and conditions] to attain birth in that land…

See Excerpt Below

… 舍利弗,若有善男子、善女人,闻说阿弥陀佛,执持名号,若一日…
… Shariputra, if good men and good women hear [learn] of Amita Buddha [Amituofo],
firmly [faithfully] upholds [practise mindfulness of] his name, if for one day…

In the excerpt are teachings of:
(1) the great benefits of mindfulness of the Rebirth Mantra for this and the next life.
(2) the immeasurable benefits of mindfulness of the name of Amituofo as the supreme
mantra, which encompass and surpass the benefits of the Rebirth Mantra.

It is worth noting that it is easier to practise mindfulness of the latter, due to its brevity, which facilitates memorisation, repetition and concentration. These are some reasons why mindfulness of the name of Amituofo takes greater priority. While some debate over the efficacy of mantras versus names of Buddhas, the name of Amitabha Buddha IS already a supreme mantra!

摘录: 佛说阿弥陀佛根本秘密神咒经
Excerpt: The Sutra Spoken By the Buddha on the Fundamental Esoteric Spiritual Mantra of Amita Buddha

Translated from Sanskrit to Chinese by Tripitaka Master Bodhiruci of Cao-Wei Dynasty
Translated to English from Chinese by Shen Shi’an (沈时安)


Moreover, Shariputra, Amita[bha] Buddha [Amituofo] has a fundamental esoteric dharani and spiritual mantra, which is named ‘the Spiritual Mantra that Can Uproot All Karmic Obstacles for Attaining Birth in Pure Land’. Now is the mantra (Rebirth Mantra 往生咒) thus said:


Na Mo A Mi Duo Po Ye. Duo Tuo Qie Duo Ye. Duo Di Ye Tuo. A Mi Li Du Po Pi. A Mi Li Duo. Xi Dan Po Pi. A Mi Li Duo. Pi Jia Lan Di. A Mi Li Duo. Pi Jia Lan Duo. Qie Mi Ni. Qie Qie Nuo. Zhi Duo Jia Li. Suo Po He.


The Buddha said, ‘If there are good men and good women, who can recite this mantra, Amita Buddha will often be above one’s head, protecting one day and night, not letting enemies take advantage, ensuring peace and safety in this life; when nearing the end of life, allowing departure for rebirth in the Land of Ultimate Bliss [Amituofo’s Pure Land].

又舍利弗,阿弥陀佛名号具足无量无边、不可思议、甚深秘密、殊胜微 妙、无上功德。所以者何?‘阿弥陀’佛三字中,有十方三世一切诸佛,一切诸菩萨、声闻、 阿罗汉,一切诸经、陀罗尼、神咒、无量行法。是故彼佛名号,即是为无上真实至极大乘之法,即是为无上殊胜清净了义妙行,即是为无上最胜微妙陀罗尼。而说偈 曰:

Moreover, Shariputra, Amita Buddha’s name is complete with immeasurable, boundless, inconceivable, profound, esoteric, rare [and superb], refined [subtle], wonderful [profound] unsurpassable merits. Why is this so? Within the three words ‘A-Mi-Tuo [Ta]’ Buddha, there are all Buddhas of the ten directions and three periods, all Bodhisattvas, Sravakas, Arhats, all sutras, dharanis, spiritual mantras, immeasurable [Dharma] practice methods. This is because that Buddha’s name is equal to the unsurpassable Dharma of the true and ultimate great vehicle [Mahayana]. It is the unsurpassable, rare [and superb], pure and complete [whole] profound practice. It is the unsurpassable, most victorious, refined [subtle] and wonderful [profound] dharani. This verse is then said:


Within the word ‘A’ are the Buddhas of the ten directions and three periods.
Within the word ‘Mi’ are all Bodhisattvas.
Within the word ‘Tuo’ [‘Ta’] are all the 80,000 [84,000] noble teachings.
Within the three words [Amituo; ‘Amita’ in Sanskrit] is [spiritual] completion [perfection].


Shariputra, if there are sentient beings, who hear [learn] of Amita Buddha’s inconceivable merits, rejoice enthusiastically, mindfully recite with complete [wholehearted/single-minded] sincerity, with deep faith and without laxity, thereupon manifesting in one’s body, [will be] the experience of incomparable bliss [joy]. Or [this can] transform poverty and lowliness, to gain of wealth and status. Or gain of the fruit of being exempted from being pursued by the suffering of sickness and adversity from former karma. Or transform a short lifespan, to gain of a lengthened life. Or enemies transforming their hatred. One gains children, grandchildren and prosperity, peace [ease] and joy of body and mind, and fulfilment according to one’s wishes. Such merits cannot be named or calculated.

Full Chinese Sutra:


  • Re: Supreme sutra is still Lotus sutra.

    Reply: Mantras are what contain essence of all sutras, including the Lotus Sutra. By default, as in the article above, all teachings are expressed in Amituofo’s name.

    The supremacy of any sutra is dependent on context. The Immeasurable Life Sutra is, as stated in itself by Sakyamuni Buddha, the very last sutra to outlast our current Dharma Ending Age by 100 more years. This means its Pure Land teachings within, (especially in terms of upholding the unsurpassable mantra that is Amituofo’s name) are SUPREMELY practical for the longest time possible. Amituofo

  • Re: 法华经方便品第二:’正直捨方便,但说无上道。’

    Reply: 整个方便品,整部法华经也是用方便说。唯用方便才能指出无上道。


    Immeasurable Life Sutra: ‘In the world of the future [as we now enter, into the Dharma Ending Age], when the paths of the sutras [to enlightenment] are destroyed and ended, I [Sakyamuni Buddha], with loving-kindness, compassion and empathy, will specially retain this sutra [that teaches the Dharma door of mindfulness of Buddha], to dwell for one hundred years [longer]. If there are such beings, who encounter this sutra, they can, as they wish, according to their aspirations, all attain deliverance.’

    [In other words, the Pure Land path is the most practical path for all time, and the last practical path, especially in our era.] 阿弥陀佛。

    大集經: ‘末法亿亿人修行,罕一得道;惟依念佛,方可了脱生死。’

    Mahavaipulya-mahasanni-pata Sutra: ‘In the Dharma Ending Age, when 100 million of 100 million people practise the Dharma, it is rare that one will realise the way; only depending on mindfulness of Buddha, is liberation from life and death possible.’

    [Again, in other words, the Pure Land path is the most practical path for all time, and the last practical path, especially in our era.] 阿弥陀佛。

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