[28] The Noble Eightfold Path In Pure Land 净土之八正道

[Note: On the picture above, due to different word choices, Right Intention is Right Thought below, and Right Effort is Right Diligence below.]

「八圣道分」 ,亦名「八正道分」:

[The] ‘Eight[fold] Noble Path Factors’, [are] also named [the] ‘Eight[fold] Right Path Factors’.

[Note 1: See ‘Related Article’ below on how the Noble Eightfold Path (八正道) is connected to the Main Pure Land Practice (净土正行).


[1] Cultivating practices [of] contemplation without outflows, [to] see [the] Four [Noble] Truths clearly, [is] named ‘Right View’.


[2] With mind without outflows corresponding [to] thought, arousing awareness [and] knowing, planning [and] preparing, for enabling [it to] increase, [to] enter Great Nirvāṇa, [is] named ‘Right Thought’.


[3] With wisdom without outflows eradicating [the] Four Evil Livelihoods, gathering all verbal karma, abiding [in] all Right Speech within, [is] named ‘Right Speech’.

[Note 2:

Four Evil Livelihoods (四邪命):

(1) (Canvassing In Four) Directions (For) Rations (方口食): Flattering the tyrannical and powerful
(2) (Looking At Four) Directions (For) Rations (维口食): Looking at forms to tell fortunes (with divination), and at terrain to give geomantic advice
(3) Looking Up (For) Rations (仰口食): Looking up at celestial phenomena for speculation on various matters
(4) (Going) Down (For) Rations (下口食): Going down to plant in fields (and sell agricultural produce, or to mix medicines and see patients)

These kinds of livelihoods often create much Negative Karma (恶业) by Evil Speech (恶语) of False Speech (妄语) instead of True Speech (真实语), Frivolous Speech (绮语) instead of Right (And) Direct Speech (正直语), Double-Tongued (Speech) (两舌) instead of Harmonious Speech (和合语), and Harsh Speech (恶口) instead of Gentle (And) Soft Speech (柔软语).]


[4] With wisdom without outflows eradicating [the] body [of] all Evil Karmas, abiding [in] pure [and] Right Bodily Karma within, [is] named ‘Right Karma’ [i.e. Action].


[5] With wisdom without outflows completely eradicating [the] Three Karmas within [of] five kinds [of] Evil Livelihoods, abiding [in] pure [and] Right Livelihood, [is] named ‘Right Livelihood’.

[Note 3:

Three Karmas (三业):

(1) Body (Physical) Karma (身业)
(2) Speech (Verbal) Karma (口业)
(3) Mind (Mental) Karma (意业)]


([The] Five Evil Livelihoods [are] all for wealth [and] benefits.


First, pretending [with] odd appearances [that are] unusual.


Second, speaking [of] personal meritorious virtues.

三、 占相吉凶,为人说法;

Third, divining appearances [on the] auspicious [and] inauspicious, for people speaking [the] ‘Dharma’.


Fourth, loudly [speaking to] appear powerful, [to] enable people [to] revere [and] fear.


Fifth, speaking [of] that attained offerings, to move people’s hearts.)  


[6] With wisdom without outflows corresponding, constantly [and] diligently cultivating Nirvāṇa’s path, [is] named ‘Right Diligence’.


[7] With wisdom without outflows corresponding, mindful [of the] Right Path and Path Supportive Dharma [teachings, is] named ‘Right Mindfulness’.


[8] With wisdom without outflows corresponding [to] enter concentration, is named ‘Right Concentration’.  

– 净土宗九祖澫益大师

– Pure Land Tradition’s 9th Patriarch Great Master Ǒuyì
(Essential Explanation [Of The] Sūtra [In Which The] Buddha Speaks [Of] Amitā[bha] Buddha)

Namo Amituofo : Translation and notes by Shen Shi’an

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