[27] The Seven Awakening Factors In Pure Land 净土之七菩提分

「 七菩提分 」 ,亦名七觉分:

[The] ‘Seven Bodhi Factors’, [are] also named [the] ‘Seven Awakening Factors’.

智慧观诸法时, 善能简别真伪,不谬取诸虚伪法,名择法觉分;

[1] When [with] wisdom contemplating all dharmas, able [to] well choose, [to] separate [the] true [from the] false, [to] not mistakenly obtain all false dharmas, [is] named ‘Choice [Of] Dharmas’ Awakening Factor’.


[2] When diligently cultivating all Dharma paths, able [to be] well aware [and] understand clearly, not mistakenly practise with ascetic practices without benefit, constantly [with the] diligent mind [with] true Dharma within practising, [is] named ‘Diligence’s Awakening Factor’.


[3] If [the] mind attains Dharma joy, able [to be] well aware [and] understand clearly this joy, not relying [upon] dharmas of inversion then joyous, abiding [upon] true Dharma joy, [is] named ‘Joy’s Awakening Factor’.


[4] If when severing of all [evil] views [and] afflictions, able [to be] well aware [and] understand clearly, eradicating all [the] false, not damaging true [and] right good roots, [is] named ‘Eradication’s Awakening Factor’.


[5] If when renouncing those sight [and] thought attached realms, able [to be] well aware [and] understand clearly those renounced realms [are] false [and] not true, forever not chasing after [or] recollecting [them, is] named ‘Renunciation’s Awakening Factor’.


[6] If when giving rise [to] all [kinds of] meditative concentrations, able [to be] well aware [and] understand clearly all meditations’ falseness [as they are impermanent and unsubstantial], not giving rise [to] attached views [and] false [thoughts, is] named ‘Concentration’s Awakening Factor’.


[7] If when cultivating [the] world-transcending path, able [to be] well aware [and] understand clearly, constantly enabling concentration [and] wisdom [to be] equal [and] balanced.


Perhaps, [when the] mind [is] sunken [in drowsiness, there] should [be] using Choice [Of] Dharma, Diligence, [and] Joy [as] three Awakening Factors, for investigating [to] arise of.


Perhaps, [when the] mind [is] floating [and] drifting, [there] should [be] using Eradication, Renunciation [and] Concentration [as] three Awakening Factors, for gathering upheld of, harmoniously [and] moderately, [is] named ‘Mindfulness’ Awakening Factor’.


Seven Awakening Factors (七觉分):

(1) To choose to focus upon the Pure Land Dharma Door (净土法门) is to practise Choice Of Dharmas’ Awakening Factor.

(2) To diligently cultivate mindfulness of the Buddha’s name as the path to perfect all paths is to practise Diligence’s Awakening Factor.

(3) To find joy in the Pure Land Dharma Door is to practise Joy’s Awakening Factor.

(4) To cultivate mindfulness of the Buddha’s name to sever evil views and afflictions is to practise Eradication’s Awakening Factor.

To renounce all experienced realms not of mindfulness of the Buddha’s name is to practise Renunciation’s Awakening Factor.

(6) To cultivate concentration with mindfulness of the Buddha’s name is to practise Concentration’s Awakening Factor.

(7) To cultivate wholehearted mindfulness of Buddha’s name (一心念佛) with profound Faith (深信) and sincere Aspiration (切愿) is to practise Mindfulness’ Awakening Factor. Upon reaching of Pure Land, with its blessings by Āmítuófó, these factors will most swiftly be perfected.]

– 净土宗九祖澫益大师

– Pure Land Tradition’s 9th Patriarch Great Master Ǒuyì
(Essential Explanation [Of The] Sūtra [In Which The] Buddha Speaks [Of] Amitā[bha] Buddha)

Namo Amituofo : Translation and notes by Shen Shi’an

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