[3] Third Universal Encouragement Of Practice: People Have From The Beginning Of This Life Not Yet Once Died… 普劝修持三:人初未尝死…

[3] Third Universal Encouragement [Of] Practice

[People (Have From The) Beginning (Of This Life) Not Yet Once Died…]


People [have from the] beginning [of this life] not yet once died. Yet of [the] name [of] death, [it is] only from this body, upon it attained. Why thus? With coming of [the] consciousness, then supported in this [body], its form [is] because of this then growing, thus calling it birth. With going of [the] consciousness, then leaving from this [body], its form [is] because of this then disintegrating, thus calling it death.


That consciousness, is [called] ‘self’. That form, [is] that [the] ‘self’ renounces. [With] ‘self’ having going [and] coming, thus renouncing [that] having forming [and] disintegrating.


Then, that birth, [is] not birth, with coming of [the] consciousness, then [with] form forming only. That death, [is] not death, with going of [the] consciousness, then [with] form disintegrating only.


People of [the] world [do] not recognise that consciousness. Only seeing their forms, then pleased [with] birth and detesting death, how [is this] not as lamentable?


Moreover, [with] coming of [the] consciousness, from where then [does it] come? Because [of] following karmic conditions then coming. [With] going of [the] consciousness, from where then [does it] go? Because [of] following karmic conditions then going. [Of] those karmic conditions, what [are they]?


[Of] those [who] created karma of [the] human world, [their] consciousnesses then follow it, and [are] born in [the] human world. [Of] those [who] created karma of [the] heavens above, [their] consciousnesses then follow it, and [are] born in [the] heavens above. If creating karma of asuras, [their] consciousnesses then follow it, [and are] born in [the] asura [realm]. If creating karma of [the] three evil paths, [their] consciousnesses then follow it, [and are] born in [the] three evil paths. These rebirths [in the] six realms, [are] without [an] exit date.


Then, that consciousness, from beginninglessness since, [has been] thrown into wombs, changing shells, not allowed [to] stay long in one place. What [is the] reason why? With our that created karma, that [is] not [for] long and inexhaustible, thus [is the] abode of [the] consciousness in karma, [with the] karma exhausting then, [with the] form disintegrating, [with the] form disintegrating then, [with the] consciousness without that abode, again following that created karma of our present life, [to] then [be] reborn.


For example, like [a] person building [a] house, must reside within it. [A] person creating drink [and] food, must enjoy their taste. Thus creating such karma, [there] must [be] receiving of such [rewards and] retribution, because [of the] principles of nature. Then, we [in this] present life, [of] that done, how can [we be] not cautious? [As] those desiring [to] directly liberate [from] rebirth, [to] forever leave suffering [and] afflictions, [are with] none like [those via the] Western Pure Land, [its practice] thus cannot [be] not cultivated.


Sòng [Dynasty’s] Wáng Rìxiū
Lóngshū’s Pure Land Text:
Third Scroll: Nine Essays [On] Universal Encouragement [Of] Practice

Namo Amituofo : Translation by Shen Shi’an

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[3] Third Scroll: Nine Essays On Universal Encouragement Of Practice

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