[4] Fourth Universal Encouragement Of Practice: Within This World… 普劝修持四:此世界中…

[4] Fourth Universal Encouragement [Of] Practice

[Within This World…]


Within this world, human lives [are] all like water bubbles, [with] arising [and] ceasing not constant. Perhaps [for] one year [or] two years, perhaps [for] ten [or] twenty, [with those] fortunate then reaching forty [or] fifty, [this is] likewise difficult. Although having those reaching seventy, since ancient [times, they are] also rare. People only see those old before [their] eyes, not considering [that those] not waiting [to be] old then leaving [are] many.


Moreover, [the] world [is] without [that which] is not suffering, only [with] not considering [and] reflecting, thus not aware [of this]. When not matching [that] desired, [this is] definitely as suffering. If perhaps matching [that] desired, likewise without [that for a] long time. Fathers [and] mothers, wives [and] children, in-laws [and] family members, [are] perhaps [with] sickness [and] death, perhaps [by being] killed [and] injured, departed [and] separated. Perhaps [with] one’s great limit suddenly then reached. Throughout life [with] transgressions [and] evils, how [can one] be] completely without [them]?


Moreover, with [the] present speaking of [this], giving rise [to] one unrighteous thought, speaking one unrighteous word, seeing one unrighteous form, hearing one unrighteous sound, doing one unrighteous matter, [one is] without [that] not [with] faults [and] evils. Moreover, [of] those [who] eat [the] meat of sentient beings, [with] that worn, likewise [with] killing [of] sentient beings then attained?


Also, moreover, all faults [and] evils [are] not limited to eating meat [and] wearing silk. Not considering [them], then already [so], considering [them], then indeed dreadful too. From young until old, from birth until death, [with] accumulating [of them] since much, [that] linger firmly, [they are] without cause [for] liberation. After closing [their] eyes, unavoidably following karmic conditions going, [to where] distant [and] dim, [not] knowing at what place.


Perhaps falling [into] hell, receiving all [kinds of] extreme suffering. Perhaps as animals, receiving humans’ slaughtering. Perhaps born [as] hungry ghosts, [with] hunger’s fire burning [their] bodies. Perhaps entering [the] asura [realm], by anger [and] hatred compelled. Although having good karma, attaining birth [in the] heavens above [and in the] human world, [having] completely received [their] blessed rewards, as before reborn, drifting [and] flowing, confused [and] sunken, without having exit dates.


Only having [the] Western Pure Land, as [the] most [supreme] shortcut of transcending [and] liberating [from] rebirth. [With this] physical body difficult [to] attain, taking advantage [of] when healthy, accomplish this great matter.


[You] should constantly have [this] thought, saying, ‘I once, from beginninglessness since, [have been] reborn [in the] six paths, not previously knowing this Dharma door, thus not attaining transcendence. Today knowing this, how can [I] not immediately start [practice]?’


[For] those old, [they] should certainly exert efforts, [and] those young likewise cannot waste time. [At] life’s end directly born [in the] Land [Of] Ultimate Bliss, looking back [at] those [after] death entering [the] nether world, seeing King Yama [and] feeling fear, [they] cannot [be in the] same year then spoken.


Sòng [Dynasty’s] Wáng Rìxiū
Lóngshū’s Pure Land Text:
Third Scroll: Nine Essays [On] Universal Encouragement [Of] Practice

Namo Amituofo : Translation by Shen Shi’an

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Lóngshū’s Pure Land Text:
[3] Third Scroll: Nine Essays On Universal Encouragement Of Practice

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