[5] Fifth Universal Encouragement Of Practice: For Example, Like A Person Entering A Great City Within… 普劝修持五:譬如人入大城中…

[5] Fifth Universal Encouragement [Of] Practice

[For Example, Like (A) Person Entering (A) Great City Within…]


For example, like [a] person entering [a] great city within, must first seek [a] resting place, then going out [to] do matters. [If] arriving at dusk’s [and] nightfall’s darkness, then having [a] place of lodging. That first seeking [of a] resting place, [is] that called cultivation [of] Pure Land [practice]. That arriving at dusk’s [and] nightfall’s darkness, [is] that called [the] great limit [i.e. death] arriving. That having [a] place of lodging, [is] that called birth [from] lotus flowers within, [to] not fall [into] evil realms.


Also, like [in] spring’s months far travelling, [there] first must [be] preparing [of] rainwear, [for if a] rain shower suddenly arrives, then [is one] without suffering [from the] difficult situation [of being] dripping wet. That first preparing [of] rainwear, [is] that called cultivation [of] Pure Land [practice]. That rain shower suddenly arriving, [is that] called [the] lifespan going [to] end. That without suffering [from the] difficult situation [of being] dripping wet, [is] that called at least not sinking [into] evil realms, [to] receive all [kinds of] suffering [and] afflictions.


Moreover, that first seeking [of a] resting place, [does] not harm those doing matters. That first preparing [of] rainwear, [does] not harm those travelling far. [As] those [with] this cultivation [of] Pure Land [practice, are with] all not obstructed [from] all worldly affairs, why [do] people then not cultivate [it]?


I [have] one acquaintance, [who] throughout life, [created] transgressions of much killing [of] fish, [in his] later years attaining sickness, having [that] similar [to] paralysis [from] stroke. [As] I sympathised [with] his transgressions’ [and] evils’ sickness [and] suffering, thus [did I] go [to] see him, [to] encourage recitation [of] Āmítuófó’s [name] [i.e. Amitā(bha) Buddha].


[He was] resolutely not willing [to] recite, only with me speaking [of] trivial words. How [can it] not be [by] evil karma that [he was] obstructed? [By] that sickness confused, already not able [to] turn [his] mind inwards, [to be] mindful [of] good, after closing [his] eyes, what can be done? Thus, those cultivating this, should urgently, as soon as possible, turn around.


[The] world [with] day, definitely has night, [with] winter definitely has summer, that people together know, that cannot [be] hidden. If saying [with] birth, definitely has death, people however regard this as taboo, [and] not willing [to] speak out [about it], how extreme [is this] concealing!


[This is with] those, because [of] not knowing [that the] so-called ‘self’, [from the] beginning, never has [been] dead, [that it is] only [with] karmic conditions exhausted then leaving only. Thus, [there] cannot [be] no cultivation [of] Pure Land [practice], with seeking [to be from] lotus flowers within born, then receiving bodies of clear emptiness, [and] lifespans of boundlessness, with [these] liberating [from] all births’ [and] deaths’ suffering [and] afflictions too.


Sòng [Dynasty’s] Wáng Rìxiū
Lóngshū’s Pure Land Text:
Third Scroll: Nine Essays [On] Universal Encouragement [Of] Practice

Namo Amituofo : Translation by Shen Shi’an

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