[6] Sixth Universal Encouragement Of Practice: Those Of The Low Grade’s Low Birth… 普劝修持六:下品下生者…

[6] Sixth Universal Encouragement [Of] Practice

[Those (Of The) Low Grade’s Low Birth…]


[As] those [of the] Low Grade’s Low Birth, then approaching [life’s] end, [with] hell’s forms already appearing, [are] able [to, with the] sincere mind [have] ten recitations [of] ‘Námó Āmítuófó’, then changing hell’s forms to be lotus flowers, [they] likewise [can be] born [in the] Pure Land. This [is because the] Buddha [has] loving-kindness [and] compassion extremely profound, [with] mighty power extremely great, thus [is it] able [to be] like this.


Those [with] so-called ten recitations [of the Buddha’s name], thus [are those when] living, personally [having] ten times [of] recitation [of] ‘Āmítuófó’, not speaking [of those] after death inviting people [to] recite [it. For] those [when] living, when approaching life’s end, [as the] Buddha and Bodhisattvas [will] personally come [to] welcome [and] receive [them], thus [will they] definitely [be] born [in the] Pure Land. [For] those after death inviting people [to] recite [it, this as] yet, cannot [be] known.


[A] sūtra says, ‘After death, [with] people for [one] creating meritorious fruits, [of] seven parts, [one] attains [only] one [part]. Those [when] living, personally creating [them], attain [a] thousand hundredfold rewards.’ Why [do] people not bother to, [when] living, [have] ten times [of] recitation [of the] Buddha[‘s name] every day [then? Why] must [they] wait [until they are] dead, then inviting people [to] recite [it]?


Also saying, ‘For example, like iron [and] stone, although heavy, relying [on a] boat’s power, [they] can cross [a] river. One needle, although light, [if] not relying [on a] boat, [the] river cannot [be] crossed.’ Because [of this], saying [that if] people have heavy transgressions, relying [on the] Buddha’s power, [they] can [be] born [in his] Pure Land. [With] transgressions [and] evils, although light, [if] not relying [on the] Buddha’s power, [they] likewise [will] not attain birth [in his Pure Land].


Also, like [those] throughout life doing evil, [with] one day welcoming peace, thereupon [are] as good people. Those relying [on the] Buddha’s power, then eradicating transgressions [and] evils, [are] likewise thus. Also like louse eggs’ worms, [with] ten thousand deaths [and] ten thousand births, [they are] not able [to travel] one lǐ [i.e. 500 metres]. If attached [to a] person’s body, [a] thousand lǐs [i.e. 500 kilometres] can [be] reached. Those relying [on the] Buddha’s power, then born [in his] Pure Land, [are] likewise thus. [You] must not doubt [that your]self, having transgressions [and] evils, [with] mindfulness [of] Buddha then, cannot [be] reborn [there]. Only giving rise [to the] mind of seeing [the] Buddha [and] attaining [the] path, [to] return [and] deliver all enemies [and] relatives, [this is] then without [those] not born.


[A] question asks, ‘[If a] person throughout life doing evil, killing [and] harming sentient beings, [with] suffering oppressing people, [when] approaching death [with] mindfulness [of] Buddha, likewise attaining rebirth [in the Pure Land, of the] minds of those [s]he killed [and] those suffering sentient beings embracing injustice, when then can [they be] liberated?


[To] answer, ‘[With] birth [in the] Pure Land, after attaining [the] path, [with] all delivering [and] liberating all enemies [and] relatives, how [does this] not surpass [those with] grievance [after] grievance retaliating, [with] one another without exit dates?’


Sòng [Dynasty’s] Wáng Rìxiū
Lóngshū’s Pure Land Text:
Third Scroll: Nine Essays [On] Universal Encouragement [Of] Practice

Namo Amituofo : Translation by Shen Shi’an

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