[7] Seventh Universal Encouragement Of Practice: I, For This Pure Land Dharma Door Speaking… 普劝修持七:予为此净土说…

[7] Seventh Universal Encouragement [Of] Practice

[I, For This Pure Land (Dharma Door) Speaking…]


I, for this Pure Land [Dharma door] speaking, desire [to] encourage all those [who] see, [and] those [who] hear [this, to have] vastness [and] greatness [of] their minds, with [the] mind [of the] Buddhas as [their] minds, [to] cause everyone [to] know it, then [with] all born [in the] Pure Land.

[Note 1: This vastness and greatness is with expanding or all-encompassing compassion, wisdom and skilful means, to guide more or all towards the swiftest path to Buddhahood.]


[They] should give rise [to] thought in this way, ‘[Of] this Dharma door, people, if knowing it, like oneself knowing it, how [is this] not joyful? People, if not knowing [it], like oneself not knowing [it], how [is this] not painful?’

[Note 2: It can be said that if one is not yet joyful with the Pure Land Dharma door, one has yet to truly know its great value, with the knowing of which, with empathy, one will surely share it with others, who have yet to know it.]


If [they] stop at self-cultivation, then are [they] disciples of Voice-Hearers, named as [those of the] Small Vehicle. Because like those [with] carriages used [being] small, [they are] only able [to] self-cross [over], these [are who the] Buddha so-called [as] ‘those severing Buddha[hood’s] seed’ too. Those able [to] widely encourage people, [are] named as [the] Great Vehicle’s Bodhisattvas. Because like those [with] carriages used [being] great, [they are able to carry] others [and] oneself, simultaneously crossing them [over].

[Note 3: It can be said that those accept the Pure Land Dharma door, are those most assuredly nurturing or ‘reviving’ Buddhahood’s seed.]


Speaking [of] this [Dharma door] obtains immeasurable blessed rewards, therefore able [to] reach [the] Buddha’s ground too. [The] ten directions’ Ganges’ sands’ number [of] all Buddhas all together highly praise Āmítuófó’s meritorious virtues’ inconceivability, [which is] called [that which] cannot with [the] mind [be] pondered, [which] cannot with words [be] discussed too. [As] his meritorious virtues [are] like these, [that] can [be] called utmost, how can that given [Dharma door] then, not [be too]?

[Note 4: With immeasurable blessed rewards fully utilised in Pure Land for realising immeasurable wisdom, Buddhahood will be swiftly attained.]


Thus able [to] encourage one person [to] cultivate Pure Land [practice], with this good condition clearing up transgressions [and] evils [is] also possible, increasing blessings [and] longevity [is] also possible, adorning rebirth’s meritorious virtues [is] likewise also possible, delivering those deceased [is] likewise also possible.

[Note 5: As the meritorious virtues from encouraging others to reach Pure Land are so abundant, they can have many functions, such as the above.]


However, [there] must [be] utmost sincerity given rise [in the] mind, [with which it is] without [those] not obtaining its meritorious fruits.

[Note 6: For meritorious virtues to be created in the way above, there must be personal utmost sincere Aspiration to reach Pure Land, while encouraging others to have the same utmost sincere Aspiration too.]


Looking at ‘Fáng Zhù’s Biography’, it can [be] seen briefly.

[Note 7: See the case of ‘Táng Dynasty’s Fáng Zhù (唐房翥) at]


Moreover, [if] encouraging one person and above, until five persons, [to] ten persons? Also, moreover, if those [who] receive encouragement, in turn with [it], encourage one another, [and] pass [it], one after another, continually [and] endlessly? Thus then, speak of [the] Western [Pure Land] can pervade [the] world. [With this, the] suffering ocean’s sentient beings can [be] all born [in the] Pure Land.

[Note 8: If more and more are encouraged to reach Pure Land, who in turn encourage more and more to do so too, there will be immeasurable meritorious virtues created. The swiftest way to guide all beings to depart from the suffering of rebirth, and to attain the bliss of Buddhahood, is by encouraging them to reach Pure Land.]


Encouraging people [to walk the] good path, [is] named as [giving a] Dharma gift. This Pure Land Dharma door, as [a] Dharma gift, is that greatest. [With the] following [of which], transcending [to] exit rebirth, [as] no other Dharma gift [is with] it comparable, thus [are] its blessed rewards [those that] cannot [have a] completed end.

[Note 9: As the Buddha taught, Dharma-giving is the unsurpassable giving (法施为无上施). This is while Pure Land Dharma-giving is the most unsurpassable of all kinds of Dharma teachings that can be given, as with the reaching of Pure Land, there will be immediate attainment of liberation, and swiftest attainment of the ability to guide all others to liberation too.]



Thus [did] Great Loving-Kindness [i.e. Dàcí] Bodhisattva [in the] ‘Verse [For] Encouragement [Of] Cultivation [To Reach The] Western [Pure Land]’ say,

‘[If] able [to] encourage two persons [to] cultivate,
[this is] more [than being] personally diligent.
Encouraging until ten [or] more persons,
[the] blessed virtues [are] already immeasurable.

[Note 10: If one encourages another person to cultivate diligently to reach Pure Land, one must also be motivated to cultivate diligently. Thus, together with oneself, there will be two persons encouraged to cultivate diligently, which is more than just oneself being diligent.]


If encouraging [a] hundred and thousand [people,
one is] named as [a] true Bodhisattva.
Also able [to] surpass ten thousand [in] number,
then is [this like] Āmítuófó [阿弥陀佛: Amitā(bha) Buddha].’

[Note 11: If one encourages many to reach Pure Land, one is functioning like a Bodhisattva. If encouraging more than ten thousand, one is functioning somewhat like a ‘manifestation’ of Āmítuófó, to greatly assist his efforts of gathering sentient beings to enter his Pure Land.]


Contemplating this, then knowing [that of] those [who] speak of [the] Western [Pure Land], how can [they] not [be with] vastness [and] greatness [of] their minds, then causing everyone [to] together know this path, with [it] accumulating immeasurable blessed rewards?

[Note 12: As those who encourage many to reach Pure Land must have much compassion, wisdom and skilful means, to guide many towards the swiftest path to Buddhahood, they will surely accumulate immeasurable meritorious virtues. Their encouragement of many also enables them to accumulate immeasurable meritorious virtues, and to encourage more to do the same.]


Sòng [Dynasty’s] Wáng Rìxiū
Lóngshū’s Pure Land Text:
Third Scroll: Nine Essays [On] Universal Encouragement [Of] Practice

Namo Amituofo : Translation and notes by Shen Shi’an

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