Why Say Those Only Cultivating For Complete And Sudden Awakening, Who Do Not Aspire For Rebirth In Pure Land, As Those Having Few Good Roots? 何谓单修圆顿,不愿往生净土者,为少善根者?

Why Say Those Only Cultivating [For] Complete [And] Sudden Awakening, [Who Do] Not Aspire [For] Rebirth [In] Pure Land, As Those [Having] Few Good Roots?


[Commentary]: Question: [On] those [in] this land only cultivating [for] complete [and] sudden [awakening, who do] not aspire [to be] reborn [in Pure Land], how can [they be] said as [those with] few good roots?

答:圆顿行人,虽悟一心,尚余后有,正宜求生彼国,亲近弥陀,喆老、青公,皎然覆辙。若其自负圆人,不愿往生,当知亦是善根薄故,如 《华严》中说。  

Answer: Practitioners [for] complete [and] sudden [awakening], although awakening [to] single-mindedness [with understanding’s awakening (解悟), as they are] still [with confusions, negative karma and suffering (惑业苦)] remaining, later having [rebirths, they] precisely should seek birth [in] that land, [to] get close to Āmítuófó’. [The cases of] Old [Master] Zhé [and] Honourable [Master] Qīng, [were] clearly disastrous. If [there are] those self-confident, [seeking] complete [awakening’s] persons, not aspiring [for] rebirth [there, it] should [be] known [that they] likewise are [with] good roots thin thus, like [those the] Flower Adornment [Sūtra] within said.

[Note: See the two Masters’ cases in notes at] 


[Collected Writings]: Those later having [rebirths], later [having] aggregates too, then [having] future lives too. [Those seeking] complete [awakening’s] persons, although with [the] Buddhas equal, however, [with] coarse [and] fine ignorance still yet [to be] completely eliminated, [with] Ganges’ sands [of] nature’s virtues still yet [to be] all prepared, [while] having confusions moistening [their] lives, [how can they] rather, [be] without later having [rebirths]? 


Since retaining [as those] later having [rebirths], then having birth places, not departing [from the] six paths, excluding those already ascended [to] true rewards, [the] others [are] perhaps yet [to] avoid [the] human [and] heavenly [paths]. Yet [the] heavens above [are with] many desires, [and the] human world [is with] mixed suffering, [with] those falling many, [and] those liberated rare. [If] not born [in] Pure Land, then going where [to be] reborn?


Old [Master] Zhé [and] Honourable [Master] Qīng, [were] together called [to] have awakening, yet [in] Old [Master] Zhé’s next life, [he] indulged [in] attachment [to] wealth [and] honour. Honourable [Master] Qīng, [in his] next life, [was with] many experiences [of] suffering [and] worries, all due to not admiring rebirth [in Pure Land], personally losing [its] good benefits, leading [to] delay [for] many lives, [without the] extensive Bodhi path. How can [this] not [be with] good roots weak [and] thin, thus leading [to being] like this?


Speaking [of] that Flower Adornment [Sūtra’s] Entering Dharma Realm’s Chapter, [it] says, ‘In Vairocana [Buddha’s] assembly, all those Great Voice-Hearers [who could] not see [the] Buddha, [were] with good roots not [the] same thus.’ Originally not cultivating good roots [to] see [the] Buddha [with] ease thus, thus know [that to] firmly uphold [his] name, aspiring [to] see Āmítuófó, truly [is with] much good roots, great good roots, most excellent good roots, [and] inconceivable good roots too.


[Commentary]: Matching principle, thus [with] self-nature giving birth [to] all dharmas, [this] is good roots’ meaning. [As] self-nature [is] rich with all dharmas, [this] is blessed virtues’ meaning.


[Collected Writings]: Who [would have] expected [that] self-nature [is] able [to] give rise [to the] ten thousand dharmas? Who [would have] expected self-nature [to be] originally self-complete?

Pure Land Tradition’s 8th Patriarch Great Master Liánchí
(Collected Writings [On] Commentary [On The] Sūtra [In Which The] Buddha Speaks [Of] Amitā[bha Buddha])

Namo Amituofo : Translation by Shen Shi’an

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