[21] Transmission Section (Of The Great Right And Vast Buddha’s Flower Adornment Sūtra’s Pure Practices’ Chapter)《大方广佛华严经·净行品》流通分

[21] [12] [Transmission Section]


Disciple [of the] Buddha, if all Bodhisattvas thus diligently apply [their] minds, then [will they] obtain all excellent [and] wonderful meritorious virtues, [by] all worlds’ all heavenly [beings], māras, brahmās, Śramaṇas, brahmins, gandharvas, asuras [and] others, and with all Voice-Hearers [and those by] Conditions Awakened, [as] those not able [to be] moved.’

[Note: To summarise, those training as Bodhisattvas (to become Buddhas), who practise well with their minds accordingly, will attain all the above qualities aspired for, which will become immovable, for the ultimate benefit of one and all.]

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