[12] The Twelfth Contemplation: Universal Contemplation (Of Contemplation Sūtra) 《观经》第十二观:普观想

[12] [The Twelfth Contemplation: Universal Contemplation]


When seeing these matters, [you] should give rise, personally [with the] mind, [to be] born in [the] Western Land [Of] Ultimate Bliss, in [a] lotus flower within, [in the] full lotus posture seated.


Do [the] lotus flower’s closing’s contemplation, [and] do [the] lotus flower’s blossoming’s contemplation. When [the] lotus flower blossoms, have five hundred colours’ lights, coming [to] illuminate [the] body contemplated. [With] eyes open contemplating, see Buddhas [and] Bodhisattvas fill [the] empty space within.


[The] waters, birds, groves, and with all Buddhas, that produce sounds, all expound [the] wonderful Dharma, with twelve divisions [of the] sūtras agreeably. If when exiting concentration, [with] recollecting [and] upholding not lost.


Seeing these matters already, [is] named Sight [Of] Immeasurable Life Buddha’s Land [Of] Ultimate Bliss. [This] is [known] as Universal Contemplation, named [the] Twelfth Contemplation. Immeasurable Life Buddha, manifesting bodies innumerable, with Contemplator [Of The] World’s Sounds and Great Power Arrived, constantly come [to] reach those places, [where] these practising persons [are].’

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