[11] The Eleventh Contemplation: Complete Contemplation On Contemplator Of The World’s Sounds And Great Power Arrived (Of Contemplation Sūtra) 《观经》第十一观:具足观观世音、大势至

[11] [The Eleventh Contemplation: Complete Contemplation (On) Contemplator (Of The) World’s Sounds (And) Great Power Arrived]


[The] Buddha told Ānanda, ’If [there are] those [who] desire [to] contemplate Contemplator [Of The] World’s Sounds Bodhisattva, [they] should do this contemplation. Those doing this contemplation, [will] not meet all misfortunes, [and will] purely eliminate karmic obstacles, eliminating innumerable kalpas’ transgressions of births [and] deaths. Thus, [of] this Bodhisattva, only [with] hearing [of] his name, obtains immeasurable blessings, furthermore [if] attentively contemplating.


If [there] are those [who] desire [to] contemplate Contemplator [Of The] World’s Sounds Bodhisattva, [they should] first contemplate [his] crown above’s uṣṇīṣa, next contemplating [his] heavenly crown. His all other forms, likewise one after another, [are to be] contemplated of. [With] all enabled [to be] clearly understood, like contemplating [them] within [the] palm. Those doing this contemplation, [are] named as [having] right contemplation. If [there are] those [with] other contemplations, [they are] named as wrong contemplations.


Next [to] contemplate [is] Great Power Arrived Bodhisattva. This Bodhisattva’s body’s height [and] size, [are] likewise like [those of] Contemplator [Of The] World’s Sounds. [His] halo’s light’s sides each [shines for a] hundred [and] twenty-five yojanas, [and] illuminates two hundred [and] fifty yojanas. [His] entire body’s bright light, illuminates [the] ten directions’ worlds, [and is] made [of] purple-gold [in] colour. Sentient beings [who] have [the] conditions, [will] all attain sight [of it].


Only seeing this Bodhisattva’s one pore’s light, immediately seen [are the] ten directions’ immeasurable all Buddhas’ pure [and] wonderful bright lights. Therefore, [the] name [of] this Bodhisattva [is] named Boundless Light.


With wisdom light, universally illuminating all, enabling departure [from the] three realms, [with] attaining [of] unsurpassable power. Therefore, [the] name [of] this Bodhisattva [is] named Great Power Arrived.


This Bodhisattva’s heavenly crown, has five hundred treasures’ flowers. Each [and every] one treasure flower, has five hundred treasures’ dais. Each [and every] one dais within, [has the] ten directions’ all Buddhas’ pure [and] wonderful lands’ vastness [and] lengths of [their] forms, [with] all within appearing.


[His] crown above’s uṣṇīṣa, [is] like [a] padma flower. On [his] uṣṇīṣa above, has a treasure vase, filled [with] all bright lights, universally appearing [with] Buddhas’ practices. All other body’s forms, [are] like Contemplator [Of The] World’s Sounds’, equal without having differences.


When this Bodhisattva walks, [the] ten directions’ worlds all shake. At where [the] ground moves, [there] are five hundred koṭis [of] treasure flowers. Each [and every] one treasure flower [is] majestic, tall [and] prominent, like [the] Land [Of] Ultimate Bliss’. When this Bodhisattva sits, [the] seven treasures’ land at once shakes.


From [the] below direction’s Golden Light Buddha’s land, and even [to the] above direction’s Bright Light King Buddha’s land, in their middle between, [are] immeasurable dust [motes’] number [of] divided bodies [of] Immeasurable Life Buddha, divided bodies [of] Contemplator [Of The] World’s Sounds [and] Great Power Arrived, all [like] clouds gathering [in the] Land [Of] Ultimate Bliss. Everywhere filling [the] sky within, seated [on] lotus flower thrones, expounding [the] wonderful Dharma, [to] deliver suffering sentient beings.


Those doing this contemplation, [are] named as [having] Contemplation [And] Sight [Of] Great Power Arrived Bodhisattva. [This] is [known] as Contemplation [Of] Great Power Arrived’s Physical Body’s Forms. Those contemplating this Bodhisattva, [are] named [as having the] Eleventh Contemplation. [This] eliminates innumerable kalpas’ asaṃkhyeya transgressions of births [and] deaths.


Those doing this contemplation, [will] not dwell [in] wombs, [and] often travel [to] all Buddhas’ pure [and] wonderful lands. [With] this contemplation accomplished already, [is] named as [having] Complete Contemplation [Of] Contemplator [Of The] World’s Sounds [And] Great Power Arrived.

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