[13] The Thirteenth Contemplation: Mixed Contemplation (Of Contemplation Sūtra) 《观经》第十三观:杂想观

[13] [The Thirteenth Contemplation: Mixed Contemplation]


[The] Buddha told Ānanda and Vaidehī, ‘If [there are] those desiring [with the] sincere mind [to be] born [in the] Western [Pure Land, they] should first contemplate [an] image of one zhàng [and] six [chǐs], on [a] pond’s water above.


Like that first said, [as] Immeasurable Life Buddha’s body’s measure [is] boundless, [it] is not that ordinary beings’ minds’ power [can] reach. However, [with] that Thus Come [One’s] past vows’ power thus, those [who] have recollection [and] contemplation, [will] definitely attain accomplishment.


Only contemplating [the] Buddha’s image, attains immeasurable blessings, moreover [with] contemplating [of the] Buddha’s complete body’s forms. Amitā[bha] Buddha, [with] supernormal [powers] as wished, in [the] ten directions’ lands, change [and] appear [with] ease. Perhaps appearing [with a] great body, filling empty space within. Perhaps appearing [with a] small body, [of one] zhàng [and] six [to] eight chǐs. Those appeared forms, [are] all pure gold [in] colour.


[From his] halo’s light manifests Buddhas and treasure lotus flowers, like those above said. Contemplator [Of The] World’s Sounds Bodhisattva and Great Power Arrived, [appear] in all places, [with] bodies similar [to] sentient beings.


Only [by] contemplating [their] heads’ forms, knowing [it] is Contemplator [Of The] World’s Sounds, knowing [it] is Great Power Arrived. These two Bodhisattvas support Amitā[bha] Buddha [in] universally transforming all. [This] is [known] as Mixed Contemplation, named [the] Thirteenth Contemplation.’

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