[07] The Seventh Contemplation: Flower Throne’s Contemplation (Of Contemplation Sūtra) 《观经》第七观:华座想

[07] [The Seventh Contemplation: Flower Throne’s Contemplation]


[The] Buddha told Ānanda and Vaidehī, ‘Attentively listen, attentively listen, [and] carefully contemplate [with] mindfulness of [this]. I will for you, differentiate [and] explain [the] methods [for] eliminating suffering [and] afflictions. [For] you [and] others [to] recollect [and] uphold, extensively for [the] great assembly, differentiating and explaining.’


When speaking these words, Immeasurable Life Buddha, abided [and] stood within [the] sky. [With] Contemplator [Of The] World’s Sounds [and] Great Power Arrived, these two Great Bodhisattvas, attending [and] standing [on his] left [and] right. [With] bright lights burning vigorously, [that] cannot [be] completely seen. [With a] hundred thousand Jāmbūnada’s golden colours, [that] cannot be compared.


Then, Vaidehī, seeing Immeasurable Life Buddha already, received [his] feet [and] paid homage. [To the] Buddha, [she] said, ‘World-Honoured [One], I now, because [of the] Buddha’s power thus, attain sight [of] Immeasurable Life Buddha and [the] two Bodhisattvas. [For] future sentient beings, how should [they] contemplate Immeasurable Life Buddha and [the] two Bodhisattvas?’


[The] Buddha told Vaidehī, ‘Those desiring [to] contemplate that Buddha, should give rise [to this] contemplated thought. On seven treasures’ ground above, do [a] lotus flower’s contemplation. Enable this lotus flower, [with] each [and every] one petal above, [to be] made [of a] hundred treasures’ colours. [They] have eighty-four thousand veins, similar to heavenly pictures. [Each] vein has eighty-four thousand lights, [to be] understood distinctly [and] clearly, [with] all enabled, [to] attain sight [of them].


Those flower petals smaller, [have] lengths [and] breadths [of] two hundred [and] fifty yojanas. Such [a] lotus flower [is] complete with eighty-four thousand petals. Each [and every] one petal between, has [a] hundred koṭis [of] maṇi gem kings, with [them] for shining [and] adorning. Each [and every] one maṇi gem, emits [a] thousand bright lights. These lights [are] like [a] canopy, [with] seven treasures composed, completely covering [the] ground above.


[Having] śakrābhi-lagna treasures, with [them] as its dais. This lotus flower dais, [has] eighty thousand vajra kiṁśuka treasures, brahma maṇi treasures [and] wonderful pearl nets, with [them] as decorative adornments.


On this dais above, naturally then having four posts [of] treasure pillars. Each [and every] one treasure pillar, [is] like [a] thousand million koṭis [of] Sumeru mountains. [The] pillars above [have] treasure curtains, like [those of] Yama Heaven’s palace. Moreover, having five hundred koṭis [of] subtle [and] wonderful treasure gems, with [them] for shining [and] adorning. Each [and every] one treasure gem, has eighty-four thousand lights. Each [and every] one light, [is] made [of] eighty-four thousand different kinds [of] golden colours. Each [and every] one golden colour, pervades that treasure land, everywhere changing [and] transforming, [with] each making different forms. Perhaps as vajra daises, perhaps making pearl nets, perhaps making various flowers’ clouds, in [the] ten directions’ sides, according [to] wishes changing [and] appearing, giving [and] doing [the] Buddha’s practices. [This] is [known] as Flower Throne’s Contemplation, named [the] Seventh Contemplation.’


[The] Buddha told Ānanda, ‘Thus, this wonderful flower, is originally [with] Dharma Treasury Bhikṣu’s vows’ power, [by] that accomplished. If [there are] those desiring [to be] mindful [of] that Buddha, [they] should first do this Flower Throne’s Contemplation. When doing this contemplation, [there] must not [be] mixed contemplations. All should [have] each [and every] one contemplated of, [with] each [and every] one petal, each [and every] one gem, each [and every] one light, each [and every] one dais, each [and every] one pillar, all enabled [to be] distinct [and] clear. Like in [a] mirror within, personally seeing [one’s] face’s image.


Those [with] this contemplation accomplished, will eliminate fifty thousand koṭis’ kalpas’ transgressions of births [and] deaths, [and] definitely [be] born [in the] Land [Of] Ultimate Bliss. Those doing this contemplation, [are] named as [having] right contemplation. If [there are] those [with] other contemplations, [they are] named as wrong contemplations.’

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