[06] The Sixth Contemplation: Overall Contemplation (Of Contemplation Sūtra) 《观经》第六观:总观想

[06] [The Sixth Contemplation: Overall Contemplation]


[Of] all treasures’ lands, [at] each [and every] one’s boundary above, are five hundred koṭis [of] treasure towers. These towering pavilions within, have immeasurably many heavenly [beings], making heavenly music.


Moreover, having musical instruments, suspending [to] dwell [in] empty space, like heavenly treasure banners, without striking self-sounding. All these sounds within, all speak [of] mindfulness [of] Buddha, mindfulness [of] Dharma [and] mindfulness [of] Bhikṣus’ Saṃgha. [With] this contemplation accomplished already, [it is] named as [having] Coarse Sight [Of The] Land [Of] Ultimate Bliss’ Treasure Trees, Treasure Ground [And] Treasure Ponds, [and] is [known] as Overall Contemplation, named [the] Sixth Contemplation.


If [there are] those seeing these, [they will] eliminate immeasurable koṭis’ kalpas [of] extremely heavy evil karma, [and] after [their] lives end, definitely [be] born [in] that land. Those doing this contemplation, [are] named as [having] right contemplation. If [there are] those [with] other contemplations, [they are] named as wrong contemplations.’

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