[05] The Fifth Contemplation: Eight Meritorious Water’s Contemplation (Of Contemplation Sūtra) 《观经》第五观:八功德水想

[05] [The Fifth Contemplation: Eight Meritorious Water’s Contemplation]


Next [that] should [be] contemplated [is] water. [For] those desiring [to] contemplate [the] water, [the] Land [Of] Ultimate Bliss has eight [meritorious virtues’] ponds’ water. Each [and every] one pond’s water, [is with] seven treasures, [by] those composed. These treasures [are] gentle [and] soft, from [the] wish-fulfilling gem king produced, dividing as fourteen branches. Each [and every] one branch, [is] made [of the] seven treasures’ wonderful colours.


[With] yellow-gold as channels, [the] channels below [are] all with various colours’ vajra, with [them] as [their] bottoms’ sands. Each [and every] one [of the] waters within, has sixty koṭis [of] seven treasures’ lotus flowers. Each [and every] one lotus flower, [is] completely round, exactly equal [to] twelve yojanas [across].


That maṇi’s water flows [and] pours into [the] flowers between, following [the] trees [to their] above [and] below. Its sounds [are] subtle [and] wonderful, expounding [on] suffering, emptiness, impermanence, non-self [and] all pāramitās. Moreover, having those [with] high praises [of] all Buddhas’ forms’ excellences.


[The] wish-fulfilling gem king, wells [up to] emit golden coloured, subtle [and] wonderful bright light. This light transforms [to] be [a] hundred treasures’ colours’ birds, [with] harmonious singing, moving [and] elegant, constantly praising mindfulness [of] Buddha, mindfulness [of] Dharma [and] mindfulness [of] Saṃgha. [This] is [known] as Eight Meritorious Water’s Contemplation, named [the] Fifth Contemplation.

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