[19] Nineteenth Chapter On Treasure Ponds And Virtues’ Water (Of Immeasurable Life Sūtra)《无量寿经》宝池德水第十九

Nineteenth [Chapter On] Treasure Ponds [And] Virtues’ Water


Inside [and] outside, [to the] left [and] right, are many bathing ponds. Perhaps [of] ten yojanas, perhaps twenty, thirty, and even [a] hundred thousand yojanas. [With] lengths [and] breadths, depths [and] shallowness, each [and] every one equal.


[Their] eight meritorious virtues’ water, [is] clear [and] filled fully, pure, fragrant [and] clean, [with] taste like ambrosia. Those yellow-gold ponds, [have] bottoms [with] white-silver sands. Those white-silver ponds, [have] bottoms [with] yellow-gold sands. Those jadeite ponds, [have] bottoms [with] lapis lazuli sands. Those lapis lazuli ponds, [have] bottoms [with] jadeite sands. Those coral ponds, [have] bottoms [with] amber sands. Those amber ponds, [have] bottoms [with] coral sands. Those tridacna ponds, [have] bottoms [with] carnelian sands. Those carnelian ponds, [have] bottoms [with] tridacna sands. Those white jade ponds, [have] bottoms [with] purple-gold sands. Those purple-gold ponds, [have] bottoms [with] white jade sands. Perhaps having two treasures, three treasures, and even seven treasures, [in] turn together composed.


Above these ponds’ banks, are sandalwood trees, [with] flowers [and] leaves drooping [and] spreading, [their] fragrances universally perfuming. Heavenly utpala flowers, padma flowers, kumuda flowers [and] puṇḍarīka flowers, [with] various colours [and] lights luxuriant, fully cover [their] waters above.


All [of] that [land’s] Bodhisattvas’ and Voice-Hearers’ assemblies, if entering [the] treasure ponds, [with the] wish desiring [to] enable [the] water [to] cover [the] feet, [the] water immediately covers [the] feet. Desiring [to] enable reach [of the] knees, [it] immediately reaches [the] knees. Desiring [to] enable reach [of the] waist, [the] water immediately reaches [the] waist. Desiring [to] enable reach [of the] neck, [the] water immediately reaches [the] neck. Desiring [to] enable pouring [over the] body, [the] water naturally pours [over the] body. Desiring [to] enable return again, [the] water immediately returns again. Harmonious [in] coolness [and] warmth, naturally [and] accordingly [as] wished.


Awakening [the] spirit [and] delighting [the] body, washing [to] eliminate [the] mind’s defilements. Clear [and] bright, still [and] clean, pure [as] if without form. Treasure sands shine through, [with] no depths not illuminated. Subtle ripples return [in] flow, [in] turn pouring into one another. Serenely [and] gently departing, neither slowly nor quickly. [With] waves propagating immeasurable natural [and] wonderful sounds, that according [to] them respond, [with] none not hearing them.


Perhaps hearing Buddhas’ sounds, perhaps hearing [the] Dharma’s sounds, perhaps hearing [the] Saṃgha’s sounds, perhaps tranquillity’s sounds, emptiness’ [and] non-self’s sounds, great loving-kindness’ [and] compassion’s sounds, Pāramitās’ sounds, perhaps [the] Ten Powers’, Fearlessnesses’ [and] Uncommon Dharmas’ sounds, all [supernormal] powers’ [and] wisdom’s sounds, without that [with] doing’s sounds, non-arising’s [and] ceasing’s sounds, Non-Arising Forbearance’s sounds, and even ambrosia anointments, all wonderful Dharmas’ sounds. Such [and] other sounds, suit those [who] hear them, [who have] joy immeasurable. Accordingly complying [with the] true meaning of pure departure [from] desires’ tranquillity [and] extinguishment, accordingly complying [with the] Triple Gem, Powers, Fearlessnesses [and] Uncommon Dharmas, accordingly complying [with the] paths of [supernormal] powers [and] wisdom, that Bodhisattvas [and] Voice-Hearers practise. Not having names of [the] three paths, [their] suffering [and] difficulties, only having [the] sounds of natural happiness [and] bliss. Therefore, that land [is] named “Peace [And] Bliss”.

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