[01] First Chapter On Time And Place Of Hearing This Sūtra (Of Immeasurable Life Sūtra)《无量寿经》闻经时处第一

[The] Sūtra [In Which The] Buddha Speaks [Of] Immeasurable Life

[The] Great[er] Sūtra

[公元 252 年] 曹魏康僧铠译
[In 252 C.E. By] Cáo Wèi [Dynasty’s] Saṅghavarman Translated [To Chinese]

公元 2020 年文殊菩萨圣诞(农历四月初四)优婆塞沈时安译
[In] 2020 C.E. [On] Mañjuśrī Bodhisattva’s Sacred Birthday (4th Day Of 4th Lunar Month) [By] Upāsakā Shěn Shí’ān Translated [To English]

[For ease of detailed studying and editing, square brackets show necessary connective words used in translation, to be removed for final published version later, with addition of glossary and notes. Suggestions are welcome for more precise choice of words. Námó Āmítuófó.]

Immeasurable Life Sūtra: Higher Scroll

Preface Section

Common Preface: Preface [For] Confirmation [Of] Faith

First [Chapter On] Dharma Assembly
s Noble Assembly


I [have] heard thus, [that at] one time, [the] Buddha [was] abiding [at] Rājagṛha City, within Mount Gṛdhrakūṭa.


With [the] Great Bhikṣu assembly [of] twelve thousand persons together, all [of whom are] great sages, [with] supernormal powers already attained.

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Second [Chapter On] Voice-Hearers’ Assembly [With] Others

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