[31] With Wills Indefinite, Therefore Have Focused Cultivation 心志不定,所以专修


[Great Master] Shàndǎo [was] Āmítuófó’s manifestation body. His those teachings [on] Focused Cultivation [of mindfulness of Buddha, was with] fear [that] practitioners’ wills [might be] indefinite, [then] by teachers of other Dharma Doors [as] those persuaded.


One by one recounting, [if the] First, Second, Third [and] Fourth Fruits’ noble persons, and [the Ten] Abodes, Practices, Dedications, Grounds’ [and] Equal Awakening Bodhisattvas, [to the] end reaching [the] ten directions’ all Buddhas, exhaust [the] empty sky, [and] pervade [the] Dharma realm, appear [with their] bodies emitting light, encourage abandoning [of] Pure Land, for [them] speak [other] excellent [and] wonderful Dharma [Doors, they will] also not [be] willing [to] receive [them].


With [them having] first given rise [to the] Aspiration (i.e. Vow) [to have] Focused Cultivation [of the] Pure Land [Dharma Door], not daring [to] violate that aspired (i.e. vowed) [for].


Venerable Shàndǎo [had] foreknowledge [that] later generations, [will be at] this mountain, seeing that mountain [to be] ‘higher’, [be] boundlessly [so] without [a] decided view, thus having this said. With [impending] death displayed transforming [the] arrogant stealing mind of looking forward [to ‘more].’

Namo Amituofo : Translation and notes by Shen Shi’an

Record Of Great Master Yìnguāng’s Collected Writings’ Essence

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