[75] The Parable Of The Camel And Urn Together Lost From The Sūtra Of A Hundred Parables《百喻经》之驼瓮俱失喻

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[The] Sūtra [Of A] Hundred Parables

[75] Parable [Of The] Camel [And] Urn Together Lost


[In the] past, [there] was a person, first within [an] urn filling grain. [His] camel’s head [then] entered [the] urn within, not again getting out. Thereupon, not [able to] get [it] out, [he was] with this worried.


[There] was an old person, [who] came [and] spoke [to] him, saying, ‘You [do] not [have to] worry. I [will] teach you [how to get it] out. [If] you listen [to] my words, [you] will definitely get [it] out quickly. You should cut [the] head [to] naturally get it out.’


Then listening [to] his words, with [a] knife cutting [the] head, killing [the] camel, and also breaking [the] urn.


Like this ignorant person, that [is by the] world laughed [at], ordinary foolish persons [are] likewise thus. [With this] wish [in] mind, [the] Bodhi aspiration seeking [the] Three Vehicles, [they] should uphold [the] prohibitive precepts [to] guard [and] protect against all evils. However, with [the] five desires destroying [the] pure precepts. Thereupon, [having] violated [the] prohibitions already, abandoning [the] Three Vehicles. At will indulging [with] all [of one’s] heart, without evils not created, [with the] vehicles and pure precepts together abandoned, [they are] like that foolish person [with his] camel [and] urn together lost.

[Note 1: The Bodhi aspiration is the Bodhi Mind (菩提心), the wish to lead one and all to realise Buddhahood (佛果).]

[Note 2: The Three Vehicles (三乘) are the Voice-Hearer (Śrāvaka) Vehicle (声闻乘) (or the Arhat Vehicle (阿罗汉乘), Pratyekabuddha Vehicle (辟支佛乘) and Bodhisattva Vehicle (菩萨乘).]

[Note 3: The five desires (五欲) are for (i) wealth (财), (ii) sex (色) (and other sensual pleasures), (iii) fame (名), (iv) food (食) and (v) sleep (睡).]

Namo Amituofo : Translation and notes by Shen Shi’an

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