[16] The Parable Of Irrigating Sugar Cane From The Sūtra Of A Hundred Parables《百喻经》之灌甘蔗喻

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[The] Sūtra [Of A] Hundred Parables

(16) Parable [Of] Irrigating Sugar Cane


[In the] past, there] were two persons together planting sugar cane, then making [this] vow, saying, ‘That [person who] plant well [will be] rewarded, [and for] that [who does] not [plant] well, [there] will [be] heavy punishment [for] him.’


Then, within [the] two persons within, [was] one thinking [and] saying, ‘[As] sugar cane [is] extremely sweet, if pressing [to] obtain [its] juice, returning [to] irrigate [the] sugar cane tree [with it, the] sweetness [will] definitely [be] extreme, [thus] attaining victory over [the] other [person].’


[He] immediately pressed sugar cane [to] obtain juice, [and] used [it to] irrigate, hoping [for its] taste, instead ruining [the] seeds, all [the] sugar cane [were] all lost.


[The] world’s people [are] likewise thus, desiring [to] seek good blessings, relying upon [their] own power [and] wealth, focusing [on] appearing [with] resolute power, coercing lower people, encroaching on [and] robbing [their] wealth [and] property. [With] making [of] blessings originally hoping [for] good fruits, not knowing [they will in the] future, instead obtain suffering [from] misfortune, [they are] like that [person] pressing sugar cane, [with] one another all lost.

[Note: Greed for more wealth and power, and delusion from arrogance will deplete and destroy what is originally adequate and sensible.]

Namo Amituofo : Translation and notes by Shen Shi’an

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