Prajñā Pāramitā Heart Sūtra《般若波罗蜜多心经》(The Discourse On The Heart Of Perfection Of Wisdom)

Prajñā Pāramitā Heart Sūtra
[(The) Discourse (On The) Heart (Of) Perfection (Of) Wisdom]

[By] Táng Dynasty’s Tripiṭaka Dharma Master Xuánzàng Translated [To Chinese]

[For ease of detailed studying and editing, square brackets show necessary connective words used in translation, to be removed for final published version later, with addition of glossary and notes. Suggestions are welcome for more precise choice of words. Námó Āmítuófó.]


[The] Bodhisattva [Who] Contemplates [At] Ease, when practising [the] profound Prajñā Pāramitā, contemplated [upon and] realised [the] five aggregates [to] all [be of] emptiness, [and] crossed over all suffering [and] difficulties.


‘Śāriputra! Form [is] not different [from] emptiness; emptiness [is] not different [from] form; form is [the] same [as] emptiness; emptiness is [the] same [as] form. Feeling, perception, volition [and] consciousness [are] likewise thus.


Śāriputra! All dharmas are characteristics [of] emptiness: not arising [or arisen] [and] not ceasing [or ceased]; not defiling [or defiled] [and] not purifying [or purified]; not increasing [or increased] [and] not decreasing [or decreased].


Therefore, within emptiness, [there is] no form, no feeling, perception, volition [and] consciousness; no eye, ear, nose, tongue, body [and] mind; no form, sound, smell, taste, touch [and] thought; no realm [of the] eye, and even no realm [of] consciousness; no ignorance, also no end[ing] [of] ignorance, and even no ageing [and] death, also no end[ing] [of] ageing [and] death; no suffering, accumulation, cessation [and] path; no wisdom, also no attainment.


With nothing that [is] attained thus, Bodhisattvas relying [on] Prajñā Pāramitā thus, [have] minds without clinging [and] obstacles. Without clinging [and] obstacles thus, [they] have no fear, far depart [from] inverted dreamlike thinking, [and] attain Ultimate Nirvāṇa.


[The] three periods’ all Buddhas, relying [on] Prajñā Pāramitā thus, attain[ed] Anuttarā Samyak Saṃbodhi.


Thus know [that] Prajñā Pāramitā, is [a] great spiritual mantra, is [a] great illuminating mantra, is [an] unsurpassable mantra, is [an] unequallable mantra, able [to] eliminate all suffering, [is] true [and] not false, thus speaking [the] Prajñā Pāramitā mantra.


Now speaking [the] mantra: Gate Gate Pāragate Pārasaṃgate Bodhi Svāhā.’

[By] Upāsaka Shen Shi’an Translated [To English]

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