[2] Why Be Mindful Of Our Fathers’ And Mothers’ Kindness? 云何念父母恩?

C2: Mindfulness [Of Our] Fathers’ [And] Mothers’ Kindness

[2] Mindfulness [Of Our] Fathers’ [And] Mothers’ Kindness


Why [be] mindful [of our] fathers’ [and] mothers’ kindness? [How] pitiful, [how] pitiful, [were my] father [and] mother, [who] gave birth [to and nurtured] me [with] hardship [and] exhaustion.


[For] ten months [and] three years, carrying [in the] womb [and] suckling [to] feed, pushing [me to the] dry [while] going [to the] wet, swallowing [the] bitter [while] spitting [out the] sweet, only then [am I] able [to] become [a] grown-up, [as they] counted [on me to] carry on succeeding [the] family’s tradition, [of] making offerings [for] supporting [our] ancestors.


Now [that] myself [and] others [have] already left [the] household [life], unjustifiably called Śākyamuni [Buddha’s] disciples, disgracefully named [as] Śramaṇas, delicacies [are] not offered, making [of] offerings [and] sweeping [of graves are] not provided. [When] alive, not able [to] support their mouths [and] bodies, [and when] dead, not able [to] guide their consciousnesses. For [the] worldly, then [with] great losses, [and] for [the] world-transcending, also without true benefits, [with these] two paths already lost, [of] heavy transgressions, how [can they be] escaped from?


Thus contemplating, only having [a] hundred kalpas’ thousand lives, constantly practising [the] Buddha’s path, [in the] ten directions [and] three periods, universally delivering sentient beings, then not only one life’s father [and] mother, fathers [and] mothers [from] life [to] life, [can] together receive salvation. Not only one person’s father [and] mother, everyone’s fathers [and] mothers, can all transcend [and] ascend [to Pure Land].


[This] is for giving rise [to the] Bodhi Mind, [the] second cause [and] condition.

Pure Land Tradition’s 11th Patriarch Great Master Xǐng’ān
Essay [On] Exhortation [To] Give Rise [To The] Bodhi Mind

Namo Amituofo : Translation and notes by Shen Shi’an

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Essay On Exhortation To Give Rise To The Bodhi Mind

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