[1] Why Be Mindful Of The Buddha’s Heavy Kindness? 云何念佛重恩?

B2: Special Explanation [Of] Giving Rise [To The Bodhi] Mind’s Right Meaning

┌ 丙一、念佛重恩
│ 丙二、念父母恩
乙│ 丙三、念师长恩
二│ 丙四、念施主恩
、│ 丙五、念众生恩
别│———————–┌ 丁一、地狱苦
释│ 丙六、念生死苦 ┤ 丁二、畜生苦
发│———————–└ 丁三、生死苦
心│ 丙七、尊重己灵
正│ 丙八、忏悔业障
义│ 丙九、求生净土
————————–┌ 丁一、痛念正法难遇
└ 丙十、念正法久住 ┤
——————————-└ 丁二、正明必须发心

C1: Mindfulness [Of The] Buddha’s Heavy Kindness

[1] Mindfulness [Of The] Buddha’s Heavy Kindness


Why [be] mindful [of the] Buddha’s heavy kindness? Speaking of our [fundamental teacher] Śākya[muni] Thus Come [One, he] first gave rise [to the Bodhi] Mind, for myself [and] others thus, practised [the] Bodhisattva path, passing [through] immeasurable kalpas, fully received all [kinds of] suffering.


When I created [evil] karmas, [the] Buddha then empathised [with me, and with] skilful means taught [to] transform [me]. Yet, I [was] ignorant, not knowing [to] faithfully receive [his teachings. When] I fell [into the] hells, [the] Buddha again, [with] grief [and sorrow], desired [to] take my place [to] suffer. Yet, [as] my [evil] karmas [were] heavy, [I was] not able [to be] saved. [When] I [am] born [in this] human path, [the] Buddha with skilful means, enabled [me to] plant good roots, [in] life after life, following me, [in his] mind without temporarily abandoning [me].


[When the] Buddha first arose [in this] world, I [was] still sunken [i.e. in a lower path]. Now [that] I [have] attained [this] human body, [the] Buddha [has] already [entered] Parinirvāṇa.


[With] what transgressions, [am I] then born [in this] Dharma-Ending [Age? With] what blessings, [am I] then prepared [to] leave [the] household [life? With] what obstacles, [am I] then not [able to] see [his] golden body? [With] what [good] fortune, [am I] then [able to] encounter [and] prostrate [to his] śarīras [i.e. relics]?


Thus contemplating, if not [having] planted good roots, how [can we] attain hearing [of the] Buddha’s Dharma? [If] not hearing [the] Buddha’s Dharma, how [can we] know [we] constantly receive [the] Buddha’s kindness?


[As the greatness of] this kindness [and] this benevolence, [with] mountains, [are] difficult [to] compare, [if] not personally giving rise [to the] vast [and] great [Bodhi] Mind, [to] practise [the] Bodhisattva path, establish [the] Buddha’s Dharma, [to] save [and] deliver sentient beings, even if powdering [our] bones [and] shattering [our] bodies, how [are we] able [to] thank [and] repay [him]?


[This] is for giving rise [to the] Bodhi Mind, [the] first cause [and] condition.

Pure Land Tradition’s 11th Patriarch Great Master Xǐng’ān
Essay [On] Exhortation [To] Give Rise [To The] Bodhi Mind

Namo Amituofo : Translation and notes by Shen Shi’an

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Essay On Exhortation To Give Rise To The Bodhi Mind

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