[9] Why Seek Birth In Pure Land? 云何求生净土?

C9: Seek Birth [In] Pure Land

[9] Seek Birth [In] Pure Land


Why seek birth [in] Pure Land? Speaking of in this [defiled] land [秽土] cultivating practices, that entering [of the] path [is] also difficult. [In] that [Pure] Land reborn, that accomplishing [of] Buddhahood [is] also easy. [It is] easy [there], thus [in] one lifetime, [it] can [be] attained, [and] difficult [here], thus [despite] continuous kalpas, [it is] yet [to be] accomplished.


Therefore, [of] former noble [and] past virtuous [ones], everyone turned towards [it. A] thousand sutras [and] ten thousand treatises, everywhere point ‘return’ [to it. In this Dharma]-Ending Age [末法时期] cultivating practices, [it is] without [that] superior to this.


However, [the Amitā(bha)] Sūtra《阿弥陀经》says [that those with] few good [roots] [善根] cannot [be] born [there, and those with] much blessed [virtues] [福德] thus attain [birth]. Speaking [of] much blessed [virtues], then is nothing better than firmly upholding [the] name [of Āmítuófó (阿弥陀佛)]. Speaking [of] much good [roots], then is nothing better than giving rise [to the] vast [and] great [Bodhi] Mind [菩提心]. Therefore, temporarily upholding [the] sacred name, [is] superior to [practising] generosity [for a] hundred years. Once giving rise [to the] great [Bodhi] Mind, [this] surpasses cultivation [of] practices passing through kalpas.


About mindfulness [of] Buddha, [it is] originally [with the] hope [of] becoming Buddhas. [If the] great [Bodhi] Mind [is] not given rise [to], then although mindful, what [is it] for? Giving rise [to the Bodhi] Mind [is] originally for cultivation [of] practices. [If in the] Pure Land not born, then although [there is that] given rise [to, it is] easy [to] retrogress.


Nevertheless planting [the] Bodhi seed, [and] cultivating with [the] plough of mindfulness [of] Buddha, [the] path’s fruit [will] naturally grow. Riding great vows’ ship, [for] entering [the] ocean of Pure Land, [in the] Western [Land Of Ultimate Bliss, there will] definitely [be] rebirth.


[This] is for giving rise [to the] Bodhi Mind, [the] ninth cause [and] condition.

Pure Land Tradition’s 11th Patriarch Great Master Xǐng’ān
Essay [On] Exhortation [To] Give Rise [To The] Bodhi Mind

Namo Amituofo : Translation and notes by Shen Shi’an

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Essay On Exhortation To Give Rise To The Bodhi Mind

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