[6] Section On Abstinence From Anger And Hatred In The Sūtra Of The Buddha’s Bequeathed Teachings《佛遗教经》之戒瞋恚篇

[6] Abstinence [From] Anger [And] Hatred


[Śākyamuni Buddha]: You [and] other Bhikṣus, if [there] are people coming, piece by piece, [having your] limbs dismembered, [you] should personally gather [your] minds, not leading [to] anger [and] hatred. [You] also should guard [your] mouths, [to] not speak harsh words. If indulging [in] anger’s mind, thus self-obstructing [the] path, [and] losing meritorious virtues’ benefits.


Of patience as [a] virtue, [it is] that [which] upholding precepts [and] ascetic practices [are] not able [to be] equal [to]. Those able [to] practise patience, thus can [be] named as great persons having strength.


If [there are] those not able [to] joyfully [and] patiently receive [the] poison of harsh insults, like drinking sweet dew, [they are] not named [as] people [who have] entered wisdom. Why [is] that [so]? [The] harms of anger, [are] then [with] destruction [of] all good Dharma [teachings, and] damage [of] good reputation. [In this] present life [and] later lives, [with] people not [having] joy [when] seeing [them].


[It] should [be] known [that] anger’s mind, [is] more [extreme] than [a] ferocious fire. [There] constantly should [be] guarding [and] protecting [against it], not enabling [it to] gain entry. [Of those] robbing, [as] meritorious virtues’ thieves, [they are] without [that] surpassing anger.


[As] white-robed [laypersons] receiving [the] desired, [and] people not practising [the] path, [are] incapable [of] self-restraint, [their] anger still can [be] excused. [As those who have] left [the] household [life to] practise [the] path, [are] those people ‘without’ desires, yet embracing anger, [this] certainly must not [be done].


For example, like [a] clear [and] cool cloud within, [when a] clap of thunder gives rise [to] fire, [do] not [have] that responded [to].

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