[13] Thirteenth Essay On Practices’ Dharma Door: Making Meal Offerings To Monastics And Making Offerings To The Buddha… 修持法门十三:斋僧供佛…

[13] Thirteenth [Essay On] Practices’ Dharma Door

[(Making) Meal Offerings (To) Monastics (And Making) Offerings (To The) Buddha…]


[Making] meal offerings [to] monastics [and making] offerings [to the] Buddha, burning incense [and] offering flowers, hanging banners [and] building pagodas, reciting [the] Buddha[‘s name and] prostrating, [of] all kinds [of practices to the] Triple Gem above respectfully offering, with these meritorious virtues dedicating [with] Aspiration [to be] born [in the] Western [Pure Land, this] also can [be done].


Perhaps for [the] world, [with] all kinds [of] benefits [and] skilful means [doing] good matters. Or as children, then [with] filial support [of] fathers [and] mothers, as [elder] brothers, then [with] friendly affection [for younger] brothers, as younger brothers. then [with] respectful obedience [of] their [elder] brothers. Of family doors within, without [those] not completely good, of clans between, without [those] not harmonious.


[With] villagers, neighbours [and] in-laws, receiving one another with courtesy, giving [to] one another with kindness. Up to serving [the] king, then [with] loyalty for [the] country, as officials, then [with] benevolent loving-kindness benefitting people. As leaders, then [with] good [for] peace [of the] masses, [and] as [those] below, then diligent with attending [of those] above.


Perhaps teaching [and] guiding [the] foolish [and] confused, perhaps assisting [the] lonely [and] weak. Perhaps aiding [those with] emergencies [and] difficulties, perhaps giving [to the] poor. Perhaps repairing bridges [and] building wells, perhaps giving medicinal powders [and] food. Perhaps reducing personal support, with [this for] benefitting other people, perhaps [when] facing wealth, giving extra [to] people, with personal economical frugality. Perhaps teaching people [to] do good, perhaps praising good [and] stopping evil.


According [with] energy, [with] that done, [of] all worldly good matters, with these dedicating [with] Aspiration [to be] born [in the] Western [Pure Land, this] also can [be done].


Perhaps for [the] world, [offering] all [kinds of] benefits, not constrained [by the] great [or] small, not constrained [by] much [or] little. If only with one coin giving [a] person, perhaps only with one cup [of] water giving [a] person, down to [that] like [a] fine hair tip of good, likewise must [there be] giving rise [to the] thought, saying, ‘With this good condition dedicating, [with] Aspiration [to be] born [in the] Western [Pure Land].’ Constantly causing [even] one thought [to] not [be] severed, [with] thought [after] thought on that, [this] definitely [attains the] High Grade’s birth.

[Note: With the criteria met, as can be seen at, there will be the High Grade’s High Birth.]


Sòng [Dynasty’s] Wáng Rìxiū
Lóngshū’s Pure Land Text:
Fourth Scroll: Fifteen Essays [On] Practices’ Dharma Doors

Namo Amituofo : Translation by Shen Shi’an

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