[11] The Eleventh Principle: Strictly Complying With Women’s Path, Of Filial Respect And Kindly Love 第十一条原则:恪守妇道,孝敬慈爱

[11] [The] Eleventh Principle: Strictly Complying [With] Women’s Path, [Of] Filial Respect [And] Kindly Love


[The] world has women, [who do] not understand [the] ultimate principle, perhaps [then] not filial [to their] husbands’ parents, humiliating [and] insulting [their] husbands, [with] indulgent love [spoiling their] sons [and] daughters, ill-treating servants, perhaps being second wives ([who] are stepmothers), ill-treating [their] previous wives’ sons [and] daughters.


[They do] not know [how to be] filial [to their] husbands’ parents, respect [their] husbands, teach [their] sons [and] daughters, [be] kind [to their] servants, teach [and] nurture, [with] loving-kindness foster [their] previous wives’ sons [and] daughters. [This] truly [is] as [the] path of [the] world’s noble [and] virtuous [ones, and] also is [the] Buddhist door’s Dharma [teaching] of sincerity’s root [conscientious practice].


Complete [with] these meritorious virtues, with cultivating [of] Pure Land [practice, they will] definitely [have their] reputation [by the] day prospering, [with] blessings increasing [and] lifespans lengthening. [When] approaching [life’s] end, receiving [the] Buddha’s reception [and] guidance, [to] directly ascend [the] nine [grades of] lotus [flowers].


[It] must [be] known [that] having [a] cause, [will] definitely have [its] effect. [With] oneself, if planting [the] cause of kindly love [i.e. loving-kindness], [one will] personally attain [the] effect of kindly love.


[That] for others is the same as [that] for oneself, [and] harming [of] others [is] definitely harming of oneself. Certainly should [I, to the] utmost [fulfil] my duties, hoping [for the] Buddhas [and] heavenly [beings, to] together inspect [this].

Pure Land Tradition’s 13th Patriarch Great Master Yìnguāng

(One Letter [As A] Common Reply)

Namo Amituofo : Translation by Shen Shi’an

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