[12] The Twelfth Principle: For Children’s Education, With Cautiousness Then From The Beginning 第十二条原则:儿童教育,谨之于始

[12] [The] Twelfth Principle: [For] Children’s Education, [With] Cautiousness Then From [The] Beginning


Young children, from when [they] have [the ability to learn] knowledge, [should be] immediately taught [with the] path of filial piety, [fraternal] respect, loyalty, trustworthiness, propriety, righteousness, integrity [and] shamefulness, and [the] three periods’ causes [and] effects, [with] matters of [the] six paths’ rebirths.


Enable them [to] know [that] their own minds, [are] with [the] minds of [the] heavens’ [and] earth’s ghosts [and] gods, Buddhas [and] Bodhisattvas, closely connected [with] one another. Giving rise [to] one thought [that is] not right, doing one matter [that is] not right, [they are] already by [the] heavens’ [and] earth’s ghosts [and] gods, Buddhas [and] Bodhisattvas, all known [and] all seen, like facing [a] bright mirror, completely appearing [with their] ugly expressions, without ways [to] escape [from them]. Hopefully, [they] can have that feared, [to] encourage [them] to be kind [and] good too.


Regardless [of] anyone, even if [a] servant’s young[er] child, also not allowing [him or her to be] beaten [or] scolded. Teach them [to] respectfully serve seniors [and] elders, with humility self-governing [themselves].


[They] must respect [and] treasure words [on] paper, cherish [the] five grains [of millet (粟), soya bean (豆), sesame (麻), barley (麦) and rice (米)] [i.e. not waste food and drink], clothing [and] miscellaneous objects, protect [and] cherish insects [and animals]. Prohibit [them from] fragmented eating [i.e. snacking between meals], [to] avoid leading [to] receiving [of] sicknesses.


[If] able [to] like this teach, [when] grown already, [they will] definitely [be] wise, capable [and] kind-hearted. If when young wilful habitually, [with] all not taught [and] admonished, [when] grown already, [if] not being mediocre [and] incompetent, then becoming robbers [or those not upright. At] this time regretting, [it will be] completely without any benefit.


[An] ancient saying says, ‘Teach daughters-in-law [when they] first arrive [married, and] teach children [when they are] babies.’ With their habits and dispositions accomplishing, thus should [there be] cautiousness then from [the] beginning. [As the] order [and] chaos [of the] world, [are] all based on this, [you] must not [be] with [seeing of this] old monk’s views [as] adhering to old ideas, [to be] unrelated [to what is] important.

Pure Land Tradition’s 13th Patriarch Great Master Yìnguāng

(One Letter [As A] Common Reply)

Namo Amituofo : Translation by Shen Shi’an

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