[10] The Tenth Principle: Recite Mindfully Guānyīn Bodhisattva’s Name, Correct Evil And Cultivate Good 第十条原则:称念观音,改恶修善

[10] [The] Tenth Principle: Recite Mindfully Guānyīn [Bodhisattva’s Name], Correct Evil [And] Cultivate Good


Guānshìyīn [i.e. Contemplator Of The World’s Sounds] Bodhisattva’s vows [are] great [and] profound, [with the] seeking [of] sounds [to] save [from] suffering. 


If encountering that [of] weapons [and] wars, waters [and] fires, famines, insects [like] locusts, plagues [i.e. epidemics and pandemics], droughts [and] floods, thieves [and] robbers, hateful enemies, evil beasts, poisonous snakes, evil ghosts, demonic spirits, hateful karmic sicknesses, small persons’ [i.e. those with little virtue] plans [to] harm, [and] other [kinds of] suffering [and] difficulties, [if] able [to] give rise [to] correcting [of] faults [and] changing [to do] good, [with the] mind of self-benefitting [and] benefitting [of] others, [and with] utmost sincerity [and] earnestness reciting Guānshìyīn [Bodhisattva’s name], from thought [to] thought without interruption, [this will] definitely attain receiving [of her] kind protection, not leading [to] have any danger.


If still maintaining minds of unwholesomeness [i.e. that are not good], although able [to] recite mindfully, [this] merely briefly plants future good roots, not attaining [the] present time’s connection [for] response. As Buddhas [and] Bodhisattvas, are all [for] accomplishing [the] good thoughts of people, [they are] absolutely not [supportive for] accomplishing [the] evil thoughts of people.


If not giving rise [to the] mind [of] correcting [of] faults [and] changing [to do] good, [as] falsely desiring with mindfulness [of] Buddhas’ [and] Bodhisattvas’ names, [with] hoping of one’s evil matters [to be] accomplished, [will] definitely [be] without connection [for] response, [there] must not [be] giving rise [to] this mind of invertedness.


[For] mindfulness [of] Buddha, [that] most important is [to be with] harmonious human relationships, [to the] utmost fulfil responsibilities, end evil [thoughts], maintain sincerity, [of] all evils not do, [and of] all good practise [them].


Maintain good minds, say good words, [and] do good deeds. Those [who have] abilities [to] do [these, should] earnestly do these. Those not able [to] do [these], also should give rise [to] this good mind, [to] perhaps encourage those [who] have [the] abilities [to] do these.


Perhaps [when] seeing people doing [them], giving rise [to the] joyful mind, [and] saying words [of] praise, [these] also gather mental [and] verbal meritorious virtues. If personally not able [to] do [these, as when] seeing other people doing [them], thus giving rise [to] jealousy, [this] then becomes crafty [and] evil small persons’ mental formations, [that] definitely reduce blessings [and] reduce lifespans, not attaining good fruits too, [there] should [be] remorseful abstaining [from] this.


[There] absolutely must not [be] adopting [of] false attitudes [i.e. putting on airs], [for] buying [of] fame [and] fishing [for] praise. This kind [of] mental formations, [are] truly by [the] heavens’ [and] earth’s ghosts [and] gods those together [seen as] evil. [If] having [them], thus correct [them. If] without [them], thus [have] additional striving.

Pure Land Tradition’s 13th Patriarch Great Master Yìnguāng

(One Letter [As A] Common Reply)

Namo Amituofo : Translation by Shen Shi’an

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