[14.3] The Fourteenth Contemplation: High Grade’s Births’ Contemplation (Of Contemplation Sūtra): The High Grade’s Low Births《观经》第十四观:上辈生想:上品下生

[14.3] [The High Grade’s Low Births]


[For] those [of] High Grade’s Low Births, [they] likewise believe [in] cause [and] effect, [and do] not slander [the] Great Vehicle. Only giving rise [to the] unsurpassable path’s mind, with these meritorious virtues, dedicating [with the] aspiration [of] seeking birth [in the] Land [Of] Ultimate Bliss.


When [these] practitioners’ lives almost end, Amitā[bha] Buddha and Contemplator [Of The] World’s Sounds, Great Power Arrived, with many Bodhisattvas, holding [a] golden lotus flower, manifesting as five hundred Buddhas, [will] come [to] welcome these persons. [These] five hundred manifested Buddhas, at once extend [their] hands. Praising [by] saying, “Dharma disciple, [as] you now [are] pure, [and] gave rise [to the] unsurpassable path’s mind, I [have] come [to] welcome you.”


When seeing this matter, [they] immediately personally see [their] bodies seated [on] golden lotus flowers. Seated already, [the] flowers close, following [the] World-Honoured [One from] behind, [to] immediately attain rebirth within seven treasures’ ponds.


[In] one day [and] one night, [the] lotus flowers then open. Within seven days, then attaining sight [of the] Buddha. Although seeing [the] Buddha’s body, of all [his] forms’ excellences, [their] minds [do] not understand [them] clearly. Of three [of] seven days later, then understanding clearly [when] seeing [them]. Hearing all sounds, [that] all expound [the] wonderful Dharma. Travelling [in the] ten directions, making offerings [to] all Buddhas. From all Buddhas, before [them], hearing [the] extremely profound Dharma.


Passing three small kalpas, attaining [the] hundred dharmas’ clear door, abiding [on the] Joy Ground. [These] are named [as] those [with] High Grade’s Low Births.


[This] is named [the] High Grade’s Births’ Contemplation, named [the] Fourteenth Contemplation.’

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