[15.1] The Fifteenth Contemplation: Middle Grade’s Births’ Contemplation (Of Contemplation Sūtra): The Middle Grade’s High Births《观经》第十五观:中辈生想:中品上生

[15] [The Fifteenth Contemplation: Middle Grade’s Births’ Contemplation]

[15.1] [The Middle Grade’s High Births]


[The] Buddha told Ānanda and Vaidehi, ‘[For] those [of] Middle Grade’s High Births, if [there] are sentient beings, [who] accept [and] uphold [the] Five Precepts, uphold [the] Eight Precepts [for] purification, cultivate practice [of] all precepts, not create [the] Five Heinous [Transgressions], without all faults [and] suffering. With these good roots, dedicating [with the] aspiration [of] seeking birth in [the] Western Land [Of] Ultimate Bliss.


When approaching [their] lives’ end, Amitā[bha] Buddha, with many Bhikṣus, [and] family members [will] surround, emitting golden coloured light, arriving [at] where these persons [are]. Expounding [on] suffering, emptiness, impermanence [and] non-self. Highly praising departure [from the] household [life, to] attain departure [from] all suffering. [These] practitioners, seeing [these] already, [will have] minds [with] great joy.


Personally seeing their bodies, seated [on] lotus flower daises, long kneeling [with] joined palms, to [the] Buddha paying homage. Yet [to] raise [their] heads, just then, [they will] immediately attain rebirth [in the] Land [Of] Ultimate Bliss, [with the] lotus flowers soon blossoming.


When [the] flowers blossom, [they will] hear all sounds, highly praising [the] Four Truths. Immediately then attaining [the] Arhat path, [with the] Three Insights [and] Six Supernormal [Powers], complete [with the] Eight Liberations. [These] are named [as] those [with] Middle Grade’s High Births.

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