[04] The Fourth Contemplation: Trees’ Contemplation (Of Contemplation Sūtra) 《观经》第四观:树想

[04] [The Fourth Contemplation: Trees’ Contemplation]


[The] Buddha told Ānanda and Vaidehī, ‘[With] Ground’s Contemplation accomplished already, next [to] contemplate [are the] treasure trees. Those [who] contemplate [the] treasure trees, [with] each [and every] one contemplated of, [should] do Seven Layers’ Rows [Of] Trees’ Contemplation. Each [and every] one tree, [is as] tall [as] eight thousand yojanas. All these treasure trees, [have] seven treasures’ flowers [and] leaves, without [those] not complete [with them].


Each [and every] one flower [and] leaf, [is] made [of a] distinctive treasure’s colour. [With] lapis lazuli colour within, emitting golden coloured light. [With] crystal colour within, emitting red coloured light. [With] carnelian colour within, emitting tridacna light. [With] tridacna colour within, emitting green pearl light. [With] coral, amber [and] all treasures, with [them] for shining [and] adorning.


Wonderful pearl nets, completely cover [the] trees above. Each [and every] one tree above, has seven layers [of] nets. Each [and every] one net [in] between, has five hundred koṭis [of] wonderful flowers’ palace halls, like Brahma King’s palace. All heavenly youths [are] naturally within. Each [and every] one youth, [has] five hundred koṭis [of] śakrābhi-lagna maṇis, with [them] as necklaces. These maṇis’ lights illuminate [a] hundred yojanas, similar to [the] harmonious merging [of a] hundred koṭis [of] suns [and] moons, [that] cannot [be] completely named. [With] all treasures [in] between inlaying, those colours within [are] supreme.


All these treasure trees, [are with] row [to] row matching one another, [and] leaf [to] leaf one after another. In all leaves between, produce all wonderful flowers, [with these] flowers above naturally having seven treasures’ fruits. Each [and every] one tree’s leaf, [has] length [and] breadth exactly equal [to] twenty-five yojanas. Their leaves [with a] thousand colours, have [a] hundred kinds [of] pictures, like heavenly necklaces. [They] have all wonderful flowers, made [of] Jāmbūnada’s golden colour. Like rotating fire wheels, winding around between [the] leaves.


Welling [up to] produce all fruits, like Śakra’s vase. [They] have great bright lights, transforming [to] become banners [and] immeasurable treasure canopies. These treasure canopies within, shine [and] appear [with the] three-thousandfold great-thousandfold worlds’ all Buddhas’ practices. [The] ten directions’ Buddha lands, likewise within appear.


[Having] seen these trees already, likewise should [there be], one after another, [with] each [and every] one contemplated of. Contemplating [and] seeing [the] trees’ stems, branches [and] leaves, flowers [and] fruits, [with] all enabled [to be] distinct [and] clear. [This] is [known] as Trees’ Contemplation, named [the] Fourth Contemplation.

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