[03] The Third Contemplation: Ground’s Contemplation (Of Contemplation Sūtra) 《观经》第三观:地想

[03] [The Third Contemplation: Ground’s Contemplation]  


When these contemplations [are being] accomplished, each [and every] one [should be] contemplated of, [to the] utmost enabling [them to be] understood clearly. [With] closed eyes [and] opened eyes, not enabled [to be] scattered [and] lost. Only excluding when eating, constantly recollecting these matters.


Those thus [with] these contemplations, [are] named as [having] Coarse Sight [Of The] Land [Of] Ultimate Bliss’ Ground. If attaining samādhi, seeing that land’s ground, understanding [it] distinctly [and] clearly, [it] cannot [be] completely spoken [of. This] is [known] as Ground’s Contemplation, named [the] Third Contemplation.’


[The] Buddha told Ānanda, ‘You [should] uphold [the] Buddha’s words, for future lives’ all great assemblies, those [who] desire [to be] liberated [from] suffering, speak this contemplation [of] ground’s method. If [there are] those contemplating this ground, [they will] eliminate eighty koṭis’ kalpas’ transgressions of births [and] deaths. Relinquishing [their] bodies [for] other lives, [they will] definitely [be] born [in the] Pure Land, [with] minds attaining doubtlessness. Those doing this contemplation, [are] named as [having] right contemplation. If [there are] those [with] other contemplations, [they are] named as wrong contemplations.’

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