[02] The Second Contemplation: Water’s Contemplation (Of Contemplation Sūtra) 《观经》第二观:水想

[02] [The Second Contemplation: Water’s Contemplation]


Next [to] do [is] Water’s Contemplation. [With] seeing [of] water pure [and] clear, likewise enabled [to be] clearly understood, without scattered thoughts.


Completely seeing [the] water already, [you] should give rise [to] Ice Contemplation.


[With] seeing [of] ice shining penetratingly, do Lapis Lazuli Contemplation.


[With] this contemplation accomplished already, see [the] lapis lazuli ground, inside [and] outside shining penetratingly.


Below has vajra [and] seven treasures’ gold pillars, supporting [the] lapis lazuli ground. These pillars [have] eight sides, [with] eight corners complete. Each [and every] one side’s surface, [is with a] hundred treasures, [by] those composed. Each [and every] one treasure gem, has [a] thousand bright lights. Each [and every] one bright light, [has] eighty-four thousand colours, shining [on the] lapis lazuli ground, like [a] koṭi thousand suns, [that] cannot [be] completely seen.


[The] lapis lazuli ground above, [is] with yellow-gold cords, mixing [and] mingling, [in] between inlaying. With seven treasures’ boundaries, divided equally, distinctly [and] clearly. Each [and every] one treasure within, has five hundred colours’ lights. Their lights [are] like flowers, also resembling stars [and the] moon. Suspending [to] dwell [in] empty space, becoming daises [with] bright lights.


[Having] towering pavilions [of] ten million, [with] hundred treasures composed. At [the] daises’ both sides, each has [a] hundred koṭis [of] flower banners, [and] immeasurable musical instruments, with [these] as adornments. Eight kinds [of] cool breezes, from [the] bright lights emit, [and] strike these musical instruments, [to] expound sounds of suffering, emptiness, impermanence [and] non-self. [This] is [known] as Water’s Contemplation, named [the] Second Contemplation.

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