[37] Thirty-Seventh Chapter On Those Hearing This Sūtra Obtaining Benefits (Of Immeasurable Life Sūtra)《无量寿经》闻经获益第卅七

Transmission Section

Thirty-Seventh [Chapter On Those] Hearing [This] Sūtra Obtaining Benefits


[The] Buddha told Maitreya, ‘[If] there are [those who] attain hearing [of] that Buddha’s name, [with] joyful enthusiasm, and even [with] one thought, [you] should know [that] these persons [will] be attaining great benefits, [who] are then complete [with] unsurpassable meritorious virtues.


Therefore, Maitreya, if [there] is [a] great fire, [that] fully [fills the] three-thousandfold great-thousandfold world, [there] should [be] crossing [of] this, [to] hear this sūtra’s Dharma, [with] joyful faith, accepting, upholding, studying [and] reciting [it, with] as said cultivate practice.


Why [is] that so? [There] are many Bodhisattvas, [who] desire [to] hear this sūtra, yet not able [to] attain [it]. If [there] are sentient beings, who hear this sūtra, of [the] unsurpassable path, [they will to the] end not retrogress. Therefore, [you] should, [with a] focused mind, faithfully accept, uphold, recite, speak [and] practise [this].


I now for all sentient beings, speak this sūtra’s Dharma, enabled sight [of] Immeasurable Life Buddha, and all that exists [in] his land. [With] that [which] should [be] done, all can seek it. [You] must not, with my Parinirvāṇa after, again give rise [to] doubts [and] confusions.


[In this] world of [the] future, [when] sūtras’ paths [are] destroyed completely, I, with loving-kindness, compassion [and] sympathy, [will] specially retain this sūtra, [to] remain [and] dwell [for] one hundred years [longer. If] there are sentient beings, who encounter this sūtra, accordingly [as] wished, [with] that aspired, all can attain deliverance.’


[The] Buddha said [to] Maitreya, ‘[The] Thus Come [Ones’] arisings [in the] world, [are] difficult [to] encounter [and] difficult [to] see. All Buddhas’ sūtras’ paths, [are] difficult [to] attain [and] difficult [to] hear. [Of] Bodhisattvas’ surpassing dharmas, [and] all pāramitās, [to] attain hearing [of them is] likewise difficult. Encountering good-knowing friends, [to] hear [the] Dharma [and be] able [to] practise [it], this likewise is difficult.


If hearing this sūtra, [with] joyful faith accepting [and] upholding [it, this is the] difficulty of difficulties within, without [that] surpassing this difficulty. Therefore, [this is] my Dharma, thus undertaken, thus spoken, [and] thus taught. [You] should faithfully comply, [by] according [with this] Dharma [to] cultivate practice.’


At that time, [the] World-Honoured One, [having] spoken this sūtra’s Dharma, immeasurable sentient beings, all gave rise [to the] mind of [aspiration for] Unsurpassable Right Awakening. Twelve thousand nayutas [of] persons attained [the] pure Dharma eye. Twenty-two koṭis [of] all heavenly [and] human people attained [the] Anāgāmin fruit. Eight hundred thousand Bhikṣus [are with] outflows ended [and] minds liberated. Forty koṭis [of] Bodhisattvas attained non-retrogression. With great vows’ meritorious virtues then self-adorning. In future lives, [they] will accomplish Right Awakening.

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