[23] Twenty-Third Chapter On Flowers’ Lights Emitting Buddhas (Of Immeasurable Life Sūtra)《无量寿经》华光出佛第廿三

Twenty-Third [Chapter On] Flowers’ Lights Emitting Buddhas


Moreover, all treasures’ lotus flowers, fill everywhere [in that] world. Each [and every] one treasure flower, [has a] hundred thousand koṭis [of] petals. These flowers’ bright lights, [have] immeasurable kinds [of] colours. Blue coloured [of] blue light, white coloured [of] white light, black, yellow, red [and] purple, [with] lights [and] colours awe-inspiring. Beautiful [and] lush, brilliant [and] splendid, [with] brightness outshining [the] sun [and] moon.


Each [and every] one flower within, emits thirty-six hundred thousand koṭis [of] lights. Each [and every] one light within, emits thirty-six hundred thousand koṭis [of] Buddhas, [with] bodies [the] colour [of] purple-gold, [and] forms’ excellences excellent [and] special. Each [and every] one [of] all [these] Buddhas, also radiates [a] hundred thousand bright lights, universally for [the] ten directions, speaking [the] subtle [and] wonderful Dharma. All such Buddhas, [are with] each [and every] one peacefully establishing immeasurable sentient beings on [the] Buddha’s right path.’

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